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Suksapiwat Co., Ltd.

is a company that makes investments in education, which consists of 3 educational institues as follows.

The Panyapiwat Institute of Management

is higher education institution that focuses on the retail business study and research in order to kindle graduates that are not
only academically capable, but who are also able to succeed in practice. Every student will be prepared for work in tandem
with their studies.

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Panyapiwat Technological College

is a vocational to mold professionals with retail experience, providing an avenue for real practicum.

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The Panyapiwat Institute of Management Demonstration School (Satit PIM)

is a private secondary school, underthe supervision of the Faculty of Education at the Panyapiwat Institute of Management, with the aim of creating a learning and school management process in order to be a national model secondary school.

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Panyatara Co., Ltd. and All Training Co., Ltd.

provide educational services, trainings, human resources development, and a complete range of seminars, leveraging an expertise in the retail business. They aim to provide services that build human resource capacity through the design and development of curricula that meet customer demands, teaching personnel with real-life experience both in theory and practice in the retail business.

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