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Convenience Store Services



All cafe’


CP Retailink

24 Shopping

Caffe’ Muan Chon

Ready to eat and Bakery Service

CPRAM Co., Ltd.

CP Food Lab Co., Ltd.

Financial Services

Counter Service Co., Ltd.

Thai Smart Card Co., Ltd.

Education Services

The Panyapiwat Institute of

Panyapiwat Technological

Panyatara Co., Ltd.

The Panyapiwat Institute of
Management Demonstration
School (Satit PIM)

All Training Co., Ltd.

Suksapiwat Co., Ltd.

Information Services

Gosoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Marketing Communications Services

MAM Heart Co., Ltd.

Wholesale Services

Siam Makro Plc.

Management Services to Logistics

All Now Logistics Co., Ltd.

All Now Management Co., Ltd.