Message from Chairman

Changes in digital technologies play a significant role and influence CP ALL Plc.’s current business operations. They rapidly and continuously impact market conditions and the competitive landscape. However, with retail business experience in Thailand that spans over 32 years, the Company continues its steadfast business operations development to be in alignment with such transformations, in tandem with responding to the demands and expectations of society and communities more effectively. Under the mission to “co-create and share opportunities with everyone” and as a retail business and a leader in the convenient store business, the Company is committed to being a sustainability change leader in all dimensions. The Company places importance on developing product, service, and process innovations that can respond to consumer demands in the digital era in a comprehensive and accessible manner—while minimizing, if not eliminating, the potential social and environmental impact of
our products, services and business operations.

The Company endeavors to operate following the 15 sustainability targets—which have continuously been part of the Company’s strategy—in order to achieve them in 2020. This is done by considering internal and external factors pertinent to expectations of all stakeholder groups and assessing the waves of global changes that have an influence on the organization’s operations. This has made the Company cognizant of emerging challenges and prepared to redirect its operating approaches to overcome them—whether it be changes in digital technologies, climate change, and the organization’s joint growth with its value creation for society and communities—in order to develop sustainably. In 2019, the Company’s project to reduce the volume of plastic used in business operations, “Reduce a Bag a Day, You Can”, has grown in its second year—now including an initiative on the usage of environmentally friendly plastic packaging and a recycling project that converts plastic into other uses following a circular economy approach.

In addition, there are also initiatives which the Company has marshalled and continued to execute to meet said targets. These include projects such as the Solar Energy Electricity Generation project and the Supplier Sustainability Risk Assessment and Development project. Concomitantly, the Company has also undertaken to elevate its social performance by creating opportunities for and promoting Thai farmers—heralding the value, and supporting the role of Thai farmers. Through reinforcing learning activities and projects for society and communities, farmers gain and improve new skills and knowledge, and product development is supported. Sharing knowledge with farmers through multiple projects and supporting products from Thai farmers and smallholders by enabling access to market all can elevate living standards and improve quality of life.

I am proud of the organization’s successful sustainability project performance, particularly on managing response to climate change through reducing the use of plastic bag, and on raising awareness with employees, the youth, communities, and customers on this issue. The Company has raised funds to purchase medical equipment for hospitals in 77 rural communities in Thailand. Another praise-worthy initiative is one which develops and promotes Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), capacitating and enabling them to conduct business responsibly throughout the supply chain.

Lastly, I wish to thank every employee and all stakeholders that have loved and believed in conducting business following the sustainable development approach. This success would not have been possible without the companionship of those who drove the organization to genuinely and efficiently meet the challenges—increasing our capacity to respond to expectations of all stakeholder groups—for the benefit of the country, its
citizens, and the Company, all growing together achieve excellence in sustainability goals. We will continue to build on that success persistently because we believe that “development” is an important “foundation” of sustainability.

With the determination to conduct business following the sustainable development approach, with consideration of all stakeholders—encompassing all business, social, and environmental dimensions—the Company has steadfastly stridden to become a sustainable organization under the resolution to “co-create and share opportunities with everyone” over the past 32 years. This commitment has enabled the Company to achieve a 5-star (“Excellent) rating in the Corporate Governance Report (CGR) of the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) in 2019. The Company has also received the 2019 SET Sustainability Awards in the Sustainability Excellence category, and was successfully listed on the Thailand Sustainability Investment Index (THSI). In addition, as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) has recognized CP ALL Plc. as an “Industry Leader” in the Food & Staples Retailing cluster, the Company has also been selected to become a member of the FTSE4 Good Index in the Good & Drug Retailers category and received a “B” rating from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) on the aspect of the environment, specifically on climate change.

The organization takes great pride in this success in sustainability, as manifested in the awards received in 2019. This reflects the Company’s commitment to conduct business following the sustainability development approach and in considering stakeholders in all dimensions. In 2019, the Company has revised its strategic plan—which lays out its 2020-2024 effort in achieving the following 5 key goals: 1) reduction of greenhouse gases emissions through intensified programs under the 7 Go Green strategy; 2) reduction in the use of plastic bags and containers; 3) reduction
of food waste, 4) increased coverage in the development of SMEs and smallholders; and 5) reduction in corporate governance risks throughout its value chain. The Company recognizes the contribution and support the role of Thai farmers, communities, and entrepreneurs through the Company’s various projects as a way to achieve comprehensive sustainable development. The Company adheres to the Guiding Principles on Implementing the UN Protect, Respect, Remedy Framework for Business and Human Rights. It also promotes good well-being among communities within which 7-Eleven stores have been established through supporting and increasing product distribution channels, and promoting education and local employment. Furthermore, the Company has continuously communicated its sustainability efforts to trading partners and business alliances in order to create understanding and uptake of the organization’s sustainability approach throughout the value chain. CP ALL’s mission is not merely to deliver good products and services to customers, but to also deliver sustainability to society and the environment at all times.

Lastly, I wish to thank all stakeholders that supported and have been an important driving force towards our sustainable development goals. It is my firm belief that the dedication, commitment, and resolution in conducting business through good governance principles—being responsible to society and the environment—will enable us to grow sustainably together.