Message from Chairman

Throughout the past 33 years, CP ALL Plc. has adhered in its ‘Three Benefits’ principle, aspiring to the nation, people and organizations. This is well within our aspiration to “Giving and sharing opportunities for all.” The Company is determined to drive forward towards sustainability, encompassing both environmental and social responsibility. This remains in tandem with organizational development to ensure its readiness against changes. Presently, digital technology has become an influential factor in business operations. Furthermore, the ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), has affected consumers’ consumption behaviors, both Thai and globally.

CP ALL, as a retailer and leader in convenient store businesses, has adjusted both its short- and long-term sustainability strategy. This is emphasized on effective responsiveness of potential emerging challenges. The Company prioritizes researches, development and creation of state-of-the art innovation in order to come up with safe products and services. This includes supporting and establishing collaboration with all stakeholder groups to scale up successes, ensuring maximum responsiveness to customers’ needs.

With changes from digital technology and crisis throughout the entire 2020, CP ALL continues to make efforts in its measures and projects. The Company aims to achieve its committed 15 corporate sustainability goals according to the Company’s strategy, including continues to be responsible and responsive to all stakeholder groups’ expectation, such as “Thais united against plastic bags” project. This was one of 7 Go Green Policy to campaign for and instill stakeholders to reduce their plastic bag usage. They are subsequently encouraged to use environmentally friendly packaging. Simultaneously, the Company is operating a social project to build opportunities to Thai farmers, micro, small and medium enterprises, as well as vulnerable group throughout supply chain, to earn greater income. This is achieved via the Company’s support in developing local community’s product to achieve even greater quality and standards. The products are also brought in for sales at 7-Eleven. This elevates locals’ quality of life, as well as builds and reinforces local economy Furthermore, amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, the Company has launched ‘No Thais left behind’ project to mitigate citizens’ suffering. This was achieved through provision of medical equipment and consumer goods to hospitals and functions acting as the COVID-19 patient accommodation. The provision facilitates the operations and gives encouragement to medical staff. Basic necessities have also been provided to network for those differently abled across the country. The efforts ascertain all can navigate through this crisis together.

CP ALL is enormously proud to be selected as a member in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) in Food & Staples Retailing Industry, both in World Index for the 3rd year consecutively (2018-2020), and Emerging Markets Index for the 4th consecutive year (2017-2020). Within the present world full of challenges, the Company is fully aware of the importance to adjust its management approach accordingly, and to ensure responsiveness to various challenges. The Company has reviewed and stipulated sustainable goals aiming to be achieved internally in 2030. This comprises “Plastic Champion” or becoming a leader in Thailand regarding plastic use management, as well as waste management and ecosystem conservation through biodiversity management, to name a few.

Lastly, even though sustainability goals set forth are sizeable and tremendously challenging, I am confident CP ALL is able to achieve these sustainability goals through concerted efforts of all colleagues, who cherished the Company. Together, all must drive business operations according to sustainable development approach, whilst remain adherence to governance principles. Support from all stakeholder groups in society throughout the value chain will further power the efforts.

In 2020, CP ALL Plc. is steadfastly committed to conducting its business with a sustainable development approach. This contributed to the Company’s success in exceeding its targeted sustainability performance as a good organization in society.
This has imbued pride and received recognition from various international agencies. The Company was awarded a 5-star rating an “Excellent” score by the Institute of Directors (IOD) in the Corporate Governance Report (CGR) for the second consecutive year. The Company was also included in the Thailand Sustainability nvestment (THSI) list in the service industry by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). Additionally, another source of great pride is the Company’s membership of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) in the World Index and the Emerging Markets Index categories for the 3rd and 4th consecutive years respectively. The Company has also been a member of the FTSE4Good Index in the Food & Drug Retailers category for the 3rd consecutive year. The Company has also received A- rating (Leadership Level) on climate change management, as assessed by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and was awarded an ESG rating of “BBB” from MSCI ESG Research a higher rating compared to last year.

These awards of success in 2020 have motivated the Company to continue to operate its business following a sustainable development approach. It also remains cognizant of all stakeholder groups in every dimension under the Company’s 2020-2030 Strategic Sustainability Plan, which harmonizes international sustainability approaches and salient global and local issues. The Company also adheres to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in protecting, respect, and remediating rights holders. The Company is committed to execute this sustainability plan to achieve its goal in being a sustainable organization, supporting its long-term business operations. In addition, we have continuously communicated expectations to, created collaboration with, and promoted sustainable development with suppliers and business partners throughout the supply chain. This is to create an understanding that meets the expectation of the Company and stakeholders in growing together. We hope to become a leading organization that is sustainable and serves as an example of sustainability.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who has supported and has been part of our success. I strongly hope that the dedication and commitment in operating business following a sustainable development approach, and the respect for society and the environment with a resolve in adherence to good governance principles will be of value for the country, its citizens, and the Company in sustainably growing together.