Message from Chairman

CP ALL is standing firm in our commitment to creating and sharing opportunities to all. This is in line with the CP Group’s 3-benefit principle which enables us to pay tribute to the country by creating the sustainable benefit to the country, the people and our organization. We have been consistently creating benefits and sharing opportunities to all including the small and medium enterprises, the farmers and the vulnerable groups through our ‘ Give Channel, Give Development, Give Support’ conceptual framework. This allows us to elevate the manufacturing standard of products, raise product quality, improve the quality of people’s lives throughout the value chain with creativity. Consequently, the connectivity of micro economy and macro economy is strengthened to accommodate the global evolution sustainably. In tandem, we empower the youth and vulnerable groups by making a quality education accessible through CONEXT ED Project and the Panyapiwat’s scholarship program. This not only enables the youth and vulnerable groups a secured and self-supporting life but also equips them with the environmental awareness and knowledge on environmental management for a better and sustainable community.

Over the two years in the Covid-19 crisis, CP ALL; consisting of the members of management and staffs, the network of business partners, customers and all in our value chain, has been united to relentlessly support the people who were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and restore the community economics. As we see a prominent recovery in progress, we determine
to continue participating in the making of a sustainable Thai society.

CP ALL has further developed our corporate sustainable development strategy to synchronize with the context of global sustainable development. By issuing the policy and the long-term
15 sustainable development goals (2021 – 2030), we will be able to strengthen our value chain, mitigate the climate risk, safeguard the impact of related national policy and the evolution
of modern technological development. This encourages the engagement of all sectors in driving our sustainable development goals, good corporate governance and code of conducts along
with creating values for our environment and society.

With the endeavor among our colleagues and all sectors throughout our value chain, we will be able to effectively move forward to achieve our sustainable development goals and create the
sustainable benefits to the country, the people and our organization.

2021 was a challenging year for the Company and its stakeholders. Together, we have swiftly and effectively cooperated under prevention measures for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which restricted social activities. The Company has launched the new 7Delivery service which safely deliver products to consumers’ homes under the strictest health standards. This is coupled with procurement of products in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 such as medical masks, antigen test kits of quality at affordable price. These initiatives have been regarded as a success in alleviating the effects of the pandemic on the society.

Additionally, the Company’s resolute dedication to becoming a leader in sustainability has resulted in the recognition from international agencies. The Company has been evaluated
and accepted as a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), ranking first in Food & Staples Retailing Industry. Furthermore, we have retained our membership for the fifth consecutive year. This highlights our commitment in promoting sustainability across the consumer chain as well as advocating for sustainability strategies that would translate into real practices, which we have sufficiently achieved in our goals.

The Company’s achievements in sustainability, as reflected in our membership in the DJSI, gave us the conviction that sustainable growth in business give weight to environmental
preservation, the society, and good governance whilst also thoroughly taking all stakeholders into account. The Company’s successful role in sustainability, in tandem with the analysis of financial information to generate long-term continuous returns, have been a key factor in boosting investor confidence in Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG).

Furthermore, the Company have also continuously focused on environmental promotion activities such as plastic and food waste management as well as climate change mitigation
preparedness. The Company has also focused on human rights promotion in accordance with international standards for the purpose of reducing inequality and building equal opportunities in the Company. At the same time, the Company recognizes the importance of management under the values of “honesty, transparency, while being conscientious of the community, society and the environment” in order to build confidence with all concerned parties through adherence with its “Three Benefits” principle, aspiring to address needs of the nation, people and the Company. The Company is also deeply committed to doing business in consideration of stakeholders in all dimensions, as we strive to become a sustainable organization with an aspiration to “giving and sharing opportunities for all” for more than 34 years. By integrating the concept of sustainability as part of our operations,
we are wholly confident in our next step towards in conducting business sustainably in the new era.