Corporate Governance Policy


CP ALL Public Company Limited (“Company”) is fully intent on conducting its businesses based on the principles of good corporate governance and has established goals and guidelines on innovation promotion and development plans. This is so as to create value for its businesses on a sustainable basis in addition to building up confidence for its investors. This will also then enable the Company to be fully competitive and to achieve positive performance results, through keeping in mind potential long-term impacts and operating its businesses in an ethical manner, as well as through respecting the rights of and acting responsibly towards its shareholders and all stakeholders so as to benefit society as a whole and to develop or reduce any negative impacts on the environment. Additionally, it will enable the Company to adapt towards any changing operational factors in an effective manner.

The Company has established its Corporate Governance (CG) Policy together with Guidelines on Good Corporate Governance for the Board of Directors, executives and employees, supporting units for corporate governance, and the Internal Audit Office. The Company has also reviewed, improved and updated its Corporate Governance Policy so as to be current and timely with the current situation. This is also to correspond to the current laws and requirements as specified by the concerned Government authorities and other relevant regulatory organizations responsible for overseeing corporate governance practices, together with being in line with international CG standards and always being acceptable standards of CG practices. As such, this Corporate Governance Policy covers 5 key operational aspects: Rights of Shareholders, Equitable Treatment of Shareholders, Role of Stakeholders, Information disclosures and transparency, and the Responsibilities of the Board of Directors.