CP All Policy

CP ALL Public Company Limited

The Company has strategies to build sustainable growth and profits, to create value-added products and services for customers and society through quality and effective work processes, and to support a learning culture
and development of employees through the corporate philosophy, vision and mission as follows :



Co-create And share the opportunity with everyone

Equal rights operations management

CP All Public Company Limited has continuously complied good corporate governance principles in its main management policy. Not only does this ensure that the Company’s business will be conducted with effectiveness, responsibility, transparency, accountability and fairness to all stakeholder groups, but also attain sustainability growth through corporate social responsibility.

“Regard to human rights”


The Company’s employees are a valuable resource and key to successfully achieving its set goals.

Shareholder’s Rights

The Company gives importance to and recognizes the rights of every single shareholder, whether major or minor shareholders, institutional or individual shareholders, local or foreign shareholders. Therefore, the Company will not perform any acts which are considered as preferential treatment or which will lead to unfair treatment to shareholders under related laws and regulations.

Respects the intellectual property or copyright

“Codes of Business Ethics” Respect “partners” and “competition” business

The Company has established a written policy and guidelines for treatment of stakeholders. The Business Ethics and Code of Conduct has been published and distributed to all the Company’s directors, executives and employees to be strictly followed. The Business Ethics and Code of Conduct has been reviewed and revised to ensure that it can be practiced in reality in order to protect the interests of all stakeholder groups.

Suppliers The Company’s suppliers are treated appropriately, honestly, transparently, fairly, and equitably, without decisions being made based on personal relationships. The Company has established a policy to prevent conflicts of interest to ensure that all business partners receive fair and equal treatment. In addition, an E-Auction system has been set up.

Competitors The Company operates its business with integrity and professionalism, without any legal or ethical wrongdoings. The Company does not seek its competitors’ trade secrets or information through illegal means nor breach agreements not to disclose its competitors’ information whether received from customers or other persons.

Maintain trademark 7-Eleven

The Company operates its convenience store business under the Area License Agreement entered with 7-Eleven, Inc., USA since November 7, 1988. Under the terms, the Company is granted a license to operate convenience stores in Thailand under the “7-Eleven” trademark including related trademarks and to obtain training and technical assistance in convenience store business from 7-Eleven, Inc. On August 20, 2003, 7-Eleven, Inc. entered into the Consent Agreement which is an agreement among the Company, the Charoen Pokphand Group (“CPG”) and 7-Eleven.