The Sustainable Development Goal


On September 25, 2015, the largest-ever gathering of 167 world leaders came together at a United Nations Summit Meeting in New York to formally adopt “Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” The agenda sets 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These new global goals, and the broader sustainability agenda, go much further than the preceding Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to address the root causes of poverty and the universal need for development that works for the benefit of all people.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Reaching agreement on such a comprehensive and ambitious agenda reflects an emerging consensus across all sectors of society. While there still is a long way to go, this globally-inclusive process will build ownership of the new shared vision and help lay the groundwork for future success.

CP ALL understands the need for a comprehensive agenda for change, with equity and sustainability at its core. We will do our part to contribute to a better quality of life by creating economic, social, and environmental value for sustainable growth.

CP ALL demonstrates social responsibility through business activities and stakeholder participation to create mutual benefits for our company, local communities, and society as a whole. This reflects the United Nations SDGs of improving people’s quality of life and protecting the environment by balancing business success with responsibility.

Consistent with sustainable development goals of the United Nations

Climate Resilience

Efficient use of resources and Energy

Sustainable Packaging Management

Sustainable Waste and Surplus Food Management

Ecosystem & Biodiversity Protection

Social Impact and Economic Contribution

Education and Lifelong Learning

Good Health & Well-being

Food and Water Security & Access to Well-being

Stakeholder Engagement

Corporate Governance and Anti-Corruption

Human Rights and Labor Practices

Leadership and Human Capital Development

Innovation and Value creation

Responsible Supply Chain Management

Promoting people’s quality of life

211016  persons

Farmers, Small and Medium Enterprize (SMEs), and small entrepreneurs received support with job and well being

9691  persons

Volunable groups received support with job and well being

86966  million Baht

Economic value created

2503387  persons

Gained access to safe, nutritious, and sufficient foods

257361  persons

Gained access to quality, safe and effective healthcare services

54243  persons

Children, youths, and adults received access to education and necessary capacity building

28520  scholarships

Support scholarship for vocational and tertiary education

1394  million Baht

Total scholarships sponsored


Females in all management levels


Females in top management levels

33.27  :  35.18

Average hours of training for male employees and female employees

Environmental conservation

8.07  cubic meters per million Baht

Net water consumption intensity per unit of income

21  million cubic meters

Total water withdrawal

35237.12  tonnes

Reduce virgin plastic usage in packaging production

12139.95  tonnes

Reduce the amount of waste created from recycle and reuse

2416.60  tonnes

Plastic packaging from recycled material

73.75  :  26.25

Ratio of utilized waste to non-utilized waste

2.19  tCO2e per million Baht

GHG emissions intensity per unit of revenue

6  products

Certified with the Carbon Footprint Product Label

117267.82  tCO2e

GHG emission reduction from the utilization of renewable energy

2  products

Certified with the Carbon Footprint Reduction label

50000  juvenile crabs

Released into sea to increase diversity

288563  trees

Planted to rehabilitate the ecosystem

Fostering growth

1216251.55  GJ

Renewable energy usage


Renewable energy consumption per total
energy consumption

65528  persons

Employment for local within the CP ALL group

2871  persons

Employment for the vulnerable groups

9259  million Baht

Innovation value


Products of innovative

9691  persons

Volunable groups received support with job
and well being

265  million Baht

Value for employment of vulnerable groups

6685  persons

Vulnerable groups, governmental agencies and communities recived training for fire drill and emergency evacuation

Promoting accountability, transparency, inclusiveness and anti-corruption

  • Prescribed the Code of Conduct compliance with the Thai law and the other countries where the company operating, and in alignment with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP)
  • Be a member of the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC)
  • Supporting suppliers to be a member of the CAC

Elevating partnerships for collaboration

  • Joined in national and international organizational networks to collaboratively drive sustainable development goals, as well as promote the Company's sustainability material topic management
    through information and opinion exchange, standard revisions,
    joint plan development, joint realizing projects, activities and assessments. This comprises Global Compact Network Thailand,
    Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment network, Scholars of Sustenance Foundation, VV Share Foundation, and Tertiary
    Education network, vocational networks, public and private, as well
    as Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC).

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