Sustainability Framework

CP ALL Plc. And its subsidiaries (“the Company”) are determined to drive forth corporate sustainability strategy, stipulating development framework and materiality issue management that encompasses the 3 dimensions, which are economic, social and environment, aligning with the Company’s vision, which focuses on bolstering community and society’s livelihood. The Company set 15 corporate sustainability goals, in consistent with Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). Furthermore, the Company also aims to operate in accordance with principle of corporate social responsibility, comprises OECD Guideline for Multinational Enterprise, Corporate Governance Code (CG Code) and ISO26000. Furthermore, the Company builds engagement with stakeholders via various channel, such as in-depth interviews and numerous activities, to stay informed of their perspective, expectations, and suggestions. All of which is part of the consideration to drive corporate development to sustainably achieve goals.

In 2021, the Company operated under the policy and a working framework of 3 pillars, comprises Heart, Health, and Home, aiming to continue comprehensive sustainable development work across all dimensions, fairly and transparently. This was substantiated with support to society for decent quality of life and environmental stewardship, to drive forth the Company for stable growth and enhance competitive capacity in the long-run. Simultaneously, the Company analyzed stakeholders’ expectations, material issues according to numerous international standards, and material issues from peers, utilizing the findings for the Company’s sustainability strategy improvement. There were 4 new issues, which are 1) accessibility to safe food and water, 2) energy consumption effectiveness 3) sustainable packaging management, and 4) sustainable waste management. Furthermore, the efforts also integrate corporate culture to build unity and create values to the employees, enabling them to achieve targets and grow in tandem with the Company.

Corporate Philosophy

Through happy employees, we desire to see smiles from customers

Vision Sustainability “An organization that provides convenience to the community and well-being and happiness to society”

Mission To Sustainability

  • Achieving operational excellence, creating sustainability in providing convenience to communities creating well-being and happiness for society, achieving global and national recognition
  • Improving the supply chain and value chain to meet ever-changing world conditions
  • Cultivating good conscience and public mind in the DNA of employees

Element of Sustainability

Economic Stability


5 Core Competencies

7 Values

11 Leadership