About CP ALL

Education Services

is a company that makes investments in education, which consists of 3 educational institues as follows.

is the sole higher education that focuses on reinforcing real work experience for students in all of its seriousness and completeness. The aim is to build quality graduates adept both academically and practically, by emphasizing on integrated learning method of both theoretical and practical, or a work-based education. There are 4 key components, comprises 1. Teaching by professionals 2. Work-based learning 3. Research works base on real-life research questions 4. University of network-building

is a vocational training institute, for High Vocational Certificate in business and electrical engineering; High Vocational Certificate in retail business management. Bilateral teaching approach was used, along with theory-based and practical classes on-site. This is according to education philosophy “Building grit, becoming talents’ by developing students ready for job market.

is a private middle and high school established to serve as the pilot school in addressing Thailand’s issues in education. This is achieved through active learning approach in a Finnish style. Furthermore, it is also a school notable in its use of learning technological tools and innovation, eventually got recognized for “Apple Distinguished School (ADS)” award, as the very first middle and high school of Thailand.

Panyatara and All Training are a training, human resources development, and comprehensive seminar provider, with expertise in the retail business. They aim to provide services that build human resource capacity through the design and development of curricular that meet varied customer demands.

It is a business unit established from the vision of Mr.Korsak Chairatsameesak, Chairman of the Executive Committee, CP All (Public) Co., Ltd for the benefit of human potential development. By focusing on understanding personality and potential of each individual through a science called Dermatoglyphics. Our clients are diverse from children to business organization executives.P-PAC also provide human resource services focusing on creating a quality and happy people ,resulting in a quality society.

All Coaching Academy (ACA) has expertise in coaching according to the standards of the International Coach Federation and group coaching or Action Learning Coach of the World Institute of Action Learning or WIAL.Currently, ACA has partnerships with MMS Worldwide Institute, a world-class coaching institution with a reputation and experience in coaching for over 40 years, including many human resource development institutions. In addition, ACA has more than 30 ICF-accredited speakers and coaches to support your organization’s development, covering coaching, mentor, facilitator and Emotional Skills (Soft Skills) in every area.