Sustainability Strategy

In 2021, the Company continuously operated according to the strategy set prior, while simultaneously developed and improved performance effectiveness throughout the year. This facilitates the Company to achieve sustainable development goals, encompassing economic, social and environmental dimensions, as follows.

Good Governance throughout the Supply Chain

The Company continuously reviews and improved its governance policy to ensure suitability and compliance to the Company’s good governance principle, relevant laws, and international practice guidelines. Furthermore, the Company promotes anti-corruption efforts by utilizing a Digital Compliance System as relating to each department, to raise awareness and serve as a good guideline for all employees in the Company. This is simultaneously achieved with continuous reviews of emerging risks potentially affecting the business in 3-5 years, to prepare and promptly identify response means. Additionally, the Company has been mindful of the technological risks, thus it has set a cyber security and safety management system, including personal data protection of employees in the Company, as well as customers and suppliers alike.

Furthermore, the Company also creates inspiration to employees via various projects, such as Reward & Recognition, as well as pushing for changes for suppliers through supports for good governance and suppliers’ sustainable capacity building throughout the value chain.

Creating Inspiration for Employees

  • Projects for communication and all employees’ awareness enhancement
  • Reward & Recognition Projects

Creating Changes for Suppliers

  • Projects to build sustainability capacity for suppliers
  • Projects to build Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action

Risk Management

  • Information and Cybersecurity Projects
  • PDPA* Projects

*PDPA refers to Personal Data Protection Act 2019 or Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562

Good Governance Performance throughout the Value Chain 2021

Giving and Sharing Opportunities

The Company promotes social value creation and is committed to ‘build a future’ by giving educational and vocational opportunities to those in the community, as well as sharing the necessity skills and knowledge for future employment and income generation. This is achieved through establishment of educational institutes and scholarship grants for youths, underserved people and vulnerable groups, in order to provide opportunities for everyone in society to access quality education.

Opportunities are shared through vocational support and provision of agricultural produce celling distribution to enhance community’s income of farmers and SMEs, micro-entrepreneur, and vulnerable group. Furthermore, the Company provides aids to community through the project, ‘Eat well, Live Well, Be Happy,’ Tao Kae ‘Community’s Good Health Center’ Project, Thais Together Project, to foster locals’ livelihood and better quality of life.

Granting Futures

  • Support accesses to quality education via educational institutes
    – Panyapiwat College of Technology (PAT)
    – Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM)
    – Panyapiwat Institute of Management Demonstration School (Satit PIM)
  • Provide opportunities through scholarship provision to enable access to quality education
  • CONNEXT ED Project to elevate the schools’
    education and community’s lifelong learning
  • Foster necessary knowledge and skills to be future-ready

Granting Opportunities

Allies to SMEs

  • Giving channels: Projects to increase SME distribution channel to expand opportunities for business growth and branding
  • Give knowledge: Training and sharing SMEs’ necessary knowledge, such as Sustainable Tao-Kaew Building Project, Retailer Alliance
  • Give support : Cross-sector collaboration between SME, public sector, private sector, and other entities

Granting Quality of Life

  • Eat well, live well, be happy project
  • Tao Kaew Community’s Good Health Center’ project
  • Joint healthy product development project
  • VG for Love
  • Thais Together Project
  • Community relation and disaster mitigation projects

2021 Performance under Giving and Sharing Opportunities Strategy

Granting Futures

Support youths in accessing quality education



Support scholarships



Youths and adults having received trainings in necessary skills



Granting Opportunities




Purchase value


million Baht

SMEs and micro entrepreneurs



Purchase value


million Baht

Vulnerable groups



Aids valuing


million Baht

Granting Quality of Life



Gained access to safe, nutritious



Vulnerable groups, governmental agencies and communities recived training for fire drill and emergency evacuation

7 Go Green

The Company implemented 7 Go Green Strategy under the 4 key approaches, comprises Green Store, Green Logistic, Green Packaging and Green Living. In 2021, the Company worked on diverse projects, such as energy-centric project, reducing consumption, promoting renewable energy usage via installation of Solar PV Rooftop for 7-Eleven stores and distribution channels. Furthermore, the Company has promoted reused of plastic waste per circular economy principle, such as employee uniform made from recycled plastics, bag projects from stretch film, to name a few. There are also efforts fostering reduction of fuel usage via pilot projects of product-transporting electric vehicles. Simultaneously, there were environmental projects from collaboration with stakeholders, such as suppliers, opinion leaders, and public sector, fostering an environmentally conscious mindset throughout the value chain.

Green Store

  • Energy efficiency improvement at 7-Eleven store project
  • Projects to improve of renewable energy usage proportion
  • Projects to improve cooling system and cooling agents

Green Packaging

  • Projects to develop and opt for environmentally friendly packaging
  • Projects to reduce Single-use plastic
  • Projects to reuse packaging waste

Green Logistic

  • Projects to increase Electric Vehicles (EV) in the transportation system
  • Projects to increase proportion of renewable energy usage in operations

Green Living

  • Waste separation bin projects
  • Ton Kla Rai Thung project
  • Excess food donation through foundations
  • Food Waste Management project
  • Plantation project

2021 Performance under 7 GO Green

Green Logistic

Increase energy usage efficiency



Used of alternative energy in operations



Reduce of greenhouse gas emission


tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent

Green Living

Reduced food waste to landfills



Donated over



surplus food to



planting trees



Reduced GHG emissions


tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent

Green Packaging

Reduced volume of plastic usage



Reduced amount of waste generated through sticker, straws and paper wrapped strws usage


million pleces

Reduced single-use plastice usage


tonnes per year

Reduced paper usage



Reduce the amount of plastic waste to landfill and recycle



Reduced GHG emissions


tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent

equivalent to plantation of