Sustainability Strategy

The Company has developed and optimized operations through strategies improved during the year to continuously provide increased value towards society and the environment as follows.

7 Go Green Strategy

The Company has implemented the environmental strategy, 7 Go Green, which aims to successfully realize strategies in 4 main aspects which include Green Operation, Green Product, Green Packaging and Green Living. The stated strategies have been consistently applied into various projects since 2018 and in 2020, the Company’s increasingly proactive approach has enable successful goal completion in the form of the project “Thais united against plastic bags” at all 7-Eleven stores nationwide. This effort has been expanded to include other plastic

packaging under the project “Reduce and Replace” to encourage the reduction in single-use plastics, including spoons, forks, straws and cups. Furthermore, the strategy encourages the beneficial reuse of plastic wastes in accordance to circular economy. Additionally, the Company has proceeded with the reduction of energy consumption, such as changes to more energy efficient equipment within 7-Eleven stores and the utilization of solar energy, a circular energy, in an effort to reduce fuel consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Further details are available in the Climate Change Management and Ecosystem and Biodiversity Protection chapters.

Giving & Sharing Opportunities For Society Strategy

The “7-Eleven and Thai Farmers Collaboration” project has allowed the Company to assist farmers by providing knowledge, support the building of careers, introduce distribution channels to increase agricultural product sales and thereby improving the agricultural community incomes, and support small scale entrepreneurs. This project is an extension of the Golden Banana project and focuses on four categories of agricultural produce including seasonal fruits, cut fruits, ready-to-cook vegetables and salad vegetables. The Thai farmers development project is an extension of the “Honoring Rice Farmers – the Cultivators of the Thai Essence” project and aims to support and develop skills for students within the Rai Cherntawan farmer school. The content taught include topics in bakery tips and beverages using local ingredients. Other development measures include the promotion of knowledge for a sustainable community and the provision of opportunities to vulnerable groups and the

handicapped in society. Various other community building and quality of life enhancing projects include the “Returning Good People to Society” project, the “CP ALL x Art Story by Autistic Thai” project, the “Giving Ambassadors: from “Care” to “Share” by CP ALL Plc.” project, the “Coffee-based Job Creation” project, and “Create a career for psychiatric patients returning to society” project allows career creating opportunities for people in vulnerable groups and coffee farmers groups from upstream roles to downstream roles. Additionally, the Company has provided everyone in society access to quality education at every level through various projects. The Company has also established educational institutions to enhance education through providing knowledge and scholarships to youths within the country. There are also opportunities to improve career skills to allow the creation of income in the future.

Additional information is available in “Sharing Opportunities and Creating Value for Society” chapter, “Creating Educational Opportunities, Creating Jobs, Creating the Future” chapter, and “Spread the Love from Hearts, Fostering Community’s Resilience” chapter.

Good Governance Enhancement Strategy

The Company has proceeded to revise and improve corporate governance policies to better suit and cover various issues as a measure to successfully operate and realize the importance of anti-corruption activities. The Company has established the Digital Compliance System project, a digital system used as a repository for regulations relevant to the respective Company department. Furthermore, the Company has reviewed Emerging Risk issues which may have an effect towards business operations in the future and focuses on finding solutions to accommodate and respond to those risks in a timely manner. The mentioned risks include the risk of

customer’s behavioral changes due to the New Normal, the risk of demographic shift towards super-ages society and risks towards business operation as a result of more dependence on digital systems. The Company has therefore established a cybersecurity management system which integrates a personal data protection policy covering customers, employees and suppliers, to reduce risks pertaining to information technology and to build confidence among the stakeholders. Concurrently, the Company has communicated to employees the different risk prevention policies through various communication channels such as seminars and online testing.