About CP ALL

Ready to eat and Bakery Services

CPRAM is a manufacturer and distributor of ready-to-eat food and bakery, and operates alongside society to jointly provide a good quality of life to everyone. It operates to improve its capacity to meet international standards as a leading “Food Provider”. CPRAM and its subsidiaries has serving a products and services under the name of “Jade Dragon” brand, “Le Pan” brand, “DeliThai” brand, “Delicasia” brand, “Delicasia” brand, “CPRAM Catering” brand, and “Foodie:D” brand, with products of more than 900 SKUs distributes to 7-Eleven store, supermarket, restaurant, and leading store more than 20,000 stores throughout the country and exported to oversea around the world.

CP Food Lab is a Research and Development company that conducts food-related and analysis and testing. Located within the Food Innopolis project, Thailand Science Park, provides R&D, constancy, and product analysis and testing services to the business group and other companies both within and outside the country. It is also a coordination center on research and development with other public and private agencies.