Message from the Chairman and the Chairman of the Executive Committee

The year 2020 has brought with it another major challenge-the coronavirus pandemic. Its impact on economies, society, and the environment has been profoundly felt across the world. Amid an alarming number of infections and deaths, many governments have implemented social distancing measures. The resulting social change has led to a ‘new normal, not only in Thai society but the whole world.

CP ALL Public Company Limited recognizes the importance of being flexible and adaptable during volatile economic situations. These qualities help the organization manage risks and ensure business continuity. In alignment with its vision to “We serve convenience to all communities,” CP ALL can move quickly, finding opportunities amongst the changing social needs that come with the COVID-19 pandemic. From the past year until now, the Company has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation to assess its impact on its businesses throughout the supply chain as well as stakeholders. The Company has also been continuously helping Thai society and communities, in alignment with its belief in “Giving and sharing opportunities for all.” The Company has always appreciated the importance and potential of our people. Our dedicated employees have always been the main force in helping manage crisis situations. To build morale and encourage its people in line with Charoen Pokphand policies, the Company has announced measures to take care of employees as well as their families. Furthermore, the Company has opened an additional 20,000 jobs nationwide to help alleviate the unemployment situation. With this, our teams are expanded, making us able to deliver good products and services right to customers’ homes. The Company has also provided sources of funding for its 7-Eleven store business partners, farmers, and community partners. In solving problems of liquidity and promoting farmers’ products, the Company believes that all stakeholders can overcome this challenge together, as the CP ALL family. Currently, the Company’s more than two hundred thousand people are ready to provide convenient services to customers in every community across the country. Our services always strictly comply with government and the Company policies to create maximum confidence and ensure safety for all our customers and stakeholders.

Amidst the changing situation, the Company has been proactive in adapting its service strategy to keep up with changing consumer behavior. Its online strategy has been to merge offline with online channels. By developing efficient information technology systems and online channel management processes, the Company has complemented its strength of having convenience, physical store branches in all communities nationwide. Moreover, the Company now has more distribution channels, such as 7-Delivery and All Online as well as an additional 720 store branches that ware planned for expansion. The Company is resolute in maintaining our financial and business situation, despite the challenges that come with COVID-19.

Thus, 2020 marks an important step in the Company’s journey of overseas business expansion. For the past 30 years, the Company has shown great success and excellent performance in the convenience store business. As a result, the Company has been granted franchise rights by 7-Eleven, Inc. (USA) to manage and operate convenience store business under the name ‘7-Eleven’ in two of Thailand’s neighboring countries, Cambodia and Laos. With this, the Company will be able to continue providing innovative, convenient products and services to people in this region.

Furthermore, the Company has invested a 40 percent share in Tesco Asia Group, operating in Thailand and Malaysia. The Company believes that this strategic move will help strengthen its existing business model and contribute to future performance. Also, the Company expects that the investment will help strengthen networks of small and medium entrepreneurs in each country it operates. In helping strengthen these networks, economies will also be strengthened and expanded, resulting in positive, sustainable outcomes for countries, people, and the Company.

The Company is committed to doing business for the benefit of communities and society so that everyone has a good quality of life. Our principles of good governance are also established to positively contribute to economies, societies, and the environment. Presently, the Company has been selected as a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) in its business performance evaluation, benchmarked by the 2020 sustainable development guidelines of the world’s leading companies. The Company’s name is included in the Food and Staples Retailing category, in the World Index for the third consecutive year (2018-2020) and the Emerging Markets Index for the fourth consecutive year (2017-2020).

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, I would like to thank you our CP ALL family of more than two hundred thousand people, including managers, partners, and all stakeholders in cooperating to perform their duties to the fullest and helping us all to manage risks in the face of this pandemic. With all of you, we can lead the Company to achieve its business goals and positively, sustainably contribute to our country and society, as we always believe in “creating and sharing opportunities for all.”