About CP ALL

Management Services to Logistics

ALL NOW Logistics provides integrated Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) with trucks of every sizes and types. It services product transportation, to-pier transportation, cross-border transportation and small-size delivery via 7-Eleven stores. Customers can send and receive packages throughout 24 hours, Presently, there are 2 services, which are SPEED-D and Rider (7 Delivery).

ALL NOW Management provides consultation for Integrated Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) through warehouse design that meets required standards, along with Warehouse Management System (WMS). This helps the collection, consolidate and distribution (cross dock) in one place throughout 24 hours. The set up ensures safe and systematic upkeep of products, whether it is management system of expiry date, manufacture date, product segregation into warehouses, or according to manufacturing plants, to name a few. Therefore it suits companies and entrepreneurs who need to delivery products to destination promptly, with guaranteed of services fully provides customers greatest satisfaction.