Shareholding Structure

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Shareholding Structure

As at 31 December, 2018

Securities of the Company

As at December 31, 2018, the Company registered capital with Ministry of Commerce was Baht 8,986,296,048, of which Baht 8,983,101,348 had been paid up. The paid up capital comprises of 8,983,101,348 ordinary shares with a par value of Baht 1 per share, entitling of 1 share with 1 vote.

Name List of Shareholders

Major ShareholdersNo. of shares%
1. CP Group *
 1.1 C.P. Merchandising Co., Ltd.2,777,006,20030.91
 1.2 UBS AG London Branch - C.P. Foods Holding115,243,556 1.28
 1.3 Bangkok Produce Merchandising Plc100,000,0001.11
 1.4 C.P. Foods International Limited83,000,0000.92
 1.5 Charoen Pokphand Group Co., Ltd.66,000,0000.73
 1.6 UBS AG Hong Kong Branch - Orient Success International60,470,0000.67
 1.7 Worth Access Trading Limited23,374,0000.26
 1.8 Creative Light Investments Limited15,860,0000.18
2. Thai NVDR Co., Ltd.731,066,6778.14
3. South East Asia UK (Type C) Nominees Limited660,403,0407.35
4. State Street Europe Limited 298,470,6933.32
5. UNS Agro Chemical Co., Ltd.180,000,0002.00
6. SE Asia (Type B) Nominees LLC143,675,2631.60
7. GIC Private Limited124,868,1001.39
8. South East Asia UK (Type A) Nominees Limited120,860,1301.35
9. Social Security Office118,196,2001.32
10. BNY Mellon Nominees Limited115,386,2751.28
11. Mr. Prinya Tieanworn100,000,0001.11
12. The Bank of New York Mellon97,694,0001.09
13. AIA Company Limited –EQ4-P92,000,0001.02
14. Others2,959,527,21432.97

* Charoen Pokphand Group (CPG) holding a combined shareholding of 36.06 percent of the total paid-up capital