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is a one-stop convenient store that offers fresh and a wide variety of products, ready-to-eat meals, and beverages. The Company has 10,268 branches of the 7-Eleven franchise, broken down into 4,556 franchises in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region (44%) and 5,712 franchises in provincial areas of Thailand (56%). Stores are clustered into 3 types: Company Stores (44%), Store Business Partner (49%), and Sub-Area License Stores (7%). There is currently an average of 11.8 million customers entering 7-Eleven stores daily.


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Under the convenient store service business, there is a wide variety of related
products and services, such as:

Bellinee’s Bake&Brew

offers freshly baked bakery and premium brewed coffee

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All cafe

offers beverages and fresh brewed coffee

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CP Retailink Co., Ltd.

is a dealership offering products and equipment through retailing, as well as maintenance and repair services.

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eXta Plus Pharmacy

is a health-centered pharmacy, providing convenience for the community, pharmaceutical products, nutritional supplements,
cosmeceutical products, and health products, with professional pharmacists offering customers consultation and recommendations.

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24 Shopping Co., Ltd.

is online store, creating a wide array of sales channels, meeting the demands of modern consumers anywhere and anytime.

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Caffe’ Muan Chon

is operated by CP Retailink Co., Ltd. under Job Creation Concept for society