The reason why there are many 7-Eleven stores nearby

The reason why there are many 7-Eleven stores nearby

The answer is, as time goes by, an area becomes more and more developed. The number of customers increase. The service of just one store would not satisfy the needs of all the customers. The reason that we have to open new stores is to serve the customers with convenient and quick services.


has been with the Thai society for a long time to serve the growth of the society and the people. We must develop our abilities in every way, including opening new stores for every area and everyone in the society

Before opening a new stores to an existing one, the company will allow an existing store partner to investigation their readiness in opening a new branch first

There is an example of a store partner who has been with the company for a long time. They recently opened their sixteenth branch. Many are transferring their businesses from one generation to another. Selling a store business partnership is also a great way to create new careers and a new generation of businesspersons and spread incomes to local entrepreneurs in the community.

One may wonder why, sometime, the company would take over a store partner’s establishment, which is not true. The truth is, some of the store partners might have personal problems such as health, aging, in-store problems, no inheritor, etc. They would want to transfer their stores back to the company. Also, some of the stores could not follow the company’s controlled standards and could not pass our standard inspections.