Message from Chairman and Chairman of Executive Committee

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Message from Chairman

In the past year, CP ALL Co., Ltd. (Public) continues to commit to the organization’s comprehensive sustainable development, while placing importance on adapting to technology which is the world’s driving force, influencing the role of business today and in the future. A cashless society, the digital wallet, and outdated service are all factors that push the Company to adapt to changing times. Not only keeping pace, the Company needs to exceed expectations in meeting the needs of modern consumers in an era when technology is changing rapidly. Moreover, the Company continues to focus on creating innovations in order to ensure organizational sustainability and further improvements in business management. Some of these innovations include the development of ready-to-eat meals, frozen food, bakeries, retail products and equipment, logistics system improvements and support for product development with business partners that include Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to enable shared growth. This also extends to the Company’s responsibility to all stakeholders, which includes creating and sharing opportunities with all communities and societies, whether it be through employment or cooperation in environmental conservation, such as the 7 GO Green policy that intends to reduce global warming by “decreasing and discontinuing the use of plastic bags” to achieve fruitful change and benefits to society. Through excellent organizational governance according to corporate governance principles, the organization’s mission will result in tangible developments, contributing to adding value and sustainable growth of CP ALL in tandem with the economy, society, and the country in the long-term.

On education system improvements, Panyapiwat Institute of Management has emphasized the theoretical pedagogy with practical training in an integrative education that emphasizes systematic operations in the workplace, with a commitment to share knowledge and experience to build capable human resources. This has earned Panyapiwat’s educational institution’s numerous awards from various institutions. Last year, Panyapiwat Technology College won “Contributor to the National Education Year 2018” from the Prime Minister, among others. The college was selected by the Vocational Education Commission to be the “Excellent Model” in the retail business institute.

Tangible results to create sustainability in a variety of dimensions have resulted in Forbes magazine, the widely accepted US business and financial magazine, ranking CP ALL 23rd place and as the only Thai company listed in the top 100 innovative companies in the world. This is a declaration of honor and a reflection of the efforts of the Company’s executives as well as employees at all levels that have dedicated to develop an organization that is worthy of pride.

Lastly, the Company will continue to adhere to the mission of managing the organization to achieve excellence in sustainability goals. We will continue to build on that success persistently because we believe that “development” is an important “foundation” of sustainability.

Message from Chairman of Executive Committee

“The company has adjusted the strategic plan for our organization that will cover the period from 2018-2022 which we operate under, with the inclusion of our commitment to “Giving and Sharing Opportunity”, incorporating internationally-recognized sustainability standards into our business operations.”

Dear Stakeholders,

The successes in sustainability that CP ALL Co., Ltd. (Public) is proud to announce are the inclusion of our company in the Down Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) in the DJSI Emerging Markets for the second year in a row, and the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices World for its first year in the industry of Food & Staples Retailing in 2018. CP ALL is the only company in Thailand that has qualified in this business category. Moreover, the Company was selected as a member of FTSE4Good Index which reflects the operations of the Company that takes into account environmental, social and corporate governance. In addition, The Company was selected to be part of both the FTSE4Good Emerging Index and the FTSE4Good ASEAN 5 Index which arranged by Financial Time Stock Exchange Group (FTSE), and Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) from Stock Exchange of Thailand based on the Company’s economic, social, and environmental performance.

The Company has revised 2018-2022 corporate strategy, while maintaining the initial motto of “Giving and Sharing Opportunity” together with the international sustainable concept through various projects such as supporting the farmers, social enterprises, and SMEs to improve quality of products to shelve in 7-Eleven, initiating human rights due diligence following Guiding Principles on Implementing the UN Protect, Respect, Remedy Framework for Business and Human Rights.

The Company has been expanding its scope of work in relation to the development of sustainability throughout the supply chain with the cooperation from our business partners who are one of key stakeholders in retail industry. The Company also has also raised awareness with regards to sustainability to key customers, which in turn, inspired the “Giving and sharing opportunity” motto to the society as a whole.