Nuntiya Thapchumpol

“The first business of my life was a contractor in digging an artesian well which had to deal with the government, but it had to be stopped because we could not control the workers. Then, I changed to run a used car tent business, unfortunately, the business was interrupted again because of the government’s First-Car-Project, making the sales of used cars fail to meet the target After closing the used car business, I began to look for new businesses at minimal risk with stability and reliability by consulting my friend at that moment. Luckily, my friend’s friend was running a 7-Eleven store, so my friend recommended the 7-Eleven business. This made me study this business for a while and in the end, I decided to invest in the 7-Eleven business”.

Why did you decide to invest in the 7-Eleven store business? “Having known that doing business was difficult and risky because of my previous experiences, so I had to carefully look for a stable, low-risk, and reliable business before turning to do any business again. Accordingly, the business of 7-Eleven company had every required aspect so it was not difficult for me to decide to choose this business”.

What help and support did 7-Eleven provide? “From the first day since entering this business, the company has been sending a support team to give advice. There is always a training program to improve the work performance of the store employees to be efficient including the continuous innovation of the company, enhancing the company to work with more efficacy”.

What would you like to tell those who are interested in investing in the business of Seven Eleven stores?  “In doing any business, we must have determination as there is no business that does not make you get tired. In order to be successful, at first, we must be tired, have patience, and learn to completely understand the business that we do. Service is the heart of doing business at 7-Eleven, if we have passion for service, the business will be successful without any difficulty”.

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