Anti Corruption

Performance Against Goal

Performance Summary 2021

Governance and Anti-Corruption Training and Assessment

Building a work culture of compliance to regulations, rules and protocols


Corruption cases identified (case)

Corruption found in 2021 434
Corruption cases investigated and confirmed in 2021 434
Cases resolved in 2021 434

Proportion of operations with corruption cases

Average corruption rate at 7-Eleven stores per year (%)

Grievance regarding personal data violation (if any)
investigated and confirmed

Management Approach

Business Ethics and Code of Conduct

The Company conducts business ethically, by reviewing and developing an ethics handbook and code of conduct for all levels of employees, from management to employees, as well as suppliers and contractors. They adhered as a guideline for responsible and honest work, refutation against corruption and human rights violations. In 2021, 100% of employees and suppliers were communicated Anti-Corruption policy through the ethics handbook and code of conduct. The Company established practices against Anti-Corruption, as follows.

Grievance Management and Corruption Case Management

The Company developed a platform for employees to facilitate acknowledgement of grievance or evidence related to corruption and unethical actions within the Company, through various channels, such as.

Furthermore, the Company has a protection measure for complainants and relevant individuals against retaliation. There is also mitigation with appropriate and fair process to persons affected from the grievance. Notably, once the Company has been informed of corruption incidents or evidence, or upon an incident occurring, through any channels, the audit office or human resource department would investigate the initial facts. If there is any substance, a working committee would be established to further scrutinize facts. Upon a misdemeanor being confirmed, the transgressor will be penalized per the Company’s stipulated measures. Corrective measures and prevention measures will be implemented and integrated into the work process to prevent recurrences. In 2021, cases of corruption investigated and confirmed, categorized by types, are as follows.

Corruption Type (Case) 2018 2019 2020 2021
Conflicts of interests 0 1 0 0
Corruption in reports (Document fraud) N/A 4 5 7
Embezzlement N/A 383 404 427

Progress in Grievance Management in 2021

Solution and Measures against Recurrence

Examples of Corrective Actions and Measures against Recurrence

Corruption, in case of embezzlement at 7-Eleven stores’ operations

Govern Employees for Proper Compliance Communicate and Raise Awareness to 7-ElevenEmployees Monitoring and Tracking Mechanisms
  • Set up corruption reduction target for 7-Eleven stores’ operation line
  • Appoint a corruption prevention committee for 7-Eleven stores’ operation line
  • Improve 7-Eleven stores’ working standard, such as financial transaction of employees
  • Improve the auditing standard of quality store system, such as field consultant’s cash monitoring, input into the cashier, employees’ personal financial transaction, monitoring and immediate cash count upon arrival at the store
  • Monitoring results from corruption case in high-level executive meeting monthly
  • Communicate business ethics and code of conduct in meetings of 7-Eleven stores’ operation line of each area quarterly, as well as communication through the poster “Gigi wants to say”

  • Organize training and education representatives of 7-Eleven’s operation line representatives through the project Mister & Miss Good Governance
  • Develop the transaction notification system through Alert Banking Agent to categorize those performing transactions, unusual accounting items, or suspicious items; enabling faster identification of abnormal cases and damage prevention

  • Monitor the performance through CCTV camera online
  • Review the store system by the quality store system standard audit office

The Company communicated and raised awareness of governance principles for management and employees, both in the offices and operations, inclusive to companies in CP ALL Group. The aim was to build awareness and conduct operations per governance motto, “Honesty, transparency, fairness, considerations to communities, society and the environment.” The public relation media is created to proactively educate through various channels, accessing target groups via both online and offline channels, such as.

  • Posters in the office and 7-Eleven stores
  • Communication videos and training “Ready to be a pillar, standing strong with the public and the communities”
  • “CP ALL People” Facebook Page
  • Public relations information on emails and LINE application
  • Building new governance leaders, Mister & Miss Good Governance, to be representatives behind corporate governance. Each department send their Mister & Miss Good Governance representatives, a total of 157 persons

In 2021, training were organized for 103,257 employees across the country. Furthermore, the Company conducted an assessment to evaluate all levels of employees’ governance and Anti-Corruption understanding of CP ALL business group. 90% of employees have demonstrated comprehension and understanding.

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