Contributions to External Organization and Association

CP ALL recognizes the importance of good corporate governance and foresees the impact of misconduct in the organization, which could pose reputational risks. CP ALL code of business conduct prohibits any forms of political activities and contributions. The Company established the Anti-Corruption Policy as guidelines for business operations in order to foster transparency and work in accordance with the directions from the Board of Directors. Besides the anti-corruption policy, CP ALL has other related guidelines including anti-corruption guidelines, donation for charity guidelines, financial contribution guidelines, and guidelines on giving/accepting gifts, souvenirs and reception. The policy is reviewed annually by the Board of Committee under the Anti-corruption Policy and there is an evaluation of risk management relating to corruption, review of related policies and guidelines, and building awareness of anti-corruption among employees at all levels. However, since 2017, there was no spending or any activity related to politics, but only trade association membership fees.

The reported amount consists of membership fees for joining trade association

Activities 2018 (Baht) 2019 (Baht) 2020 (Baht) 2021 (Baht)
Lobbying, interest representation or similar 0 0 0 0
Local, regional or national political compaigns/organizations/candidates 0 0 0 0
Trade associations or tax-exempt groups (e.g. think tanks) 4,285,220.75 3,546,204.90 1,924,037.91 2,531,880.71
Other (e.g. spending releated to ballot measures or referendums) 0 0 0 0
Total 7,435,146.87 4,285,220.75 3,546,204.90 2,531,880.71

The Company worked as an ally with every sector in order to increase awareness on the trends and needs, and to participate in sharing its views and advice, where, budgetary support was provided, which included supporting qualified persons of the Companies to provide their assistance to the associations as per the table below.

No. Trade Associations 2021 Monetary Contributions (Baht)
1 The Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand 884,021
2 Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, Pollution Control Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment 300,000
3 Thai Retailers Association 80,416
4 The Federation of Thai industries 72,950

In 2021, CP ALL Plc. participated and supported projects with various organizations as follows.

Issu Agency Details and Participation Support Amount (Baht)
Promoting capabilities development and resolving SME business difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic situation Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand

– Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand, established with the objective as a central institution for coordinating trade and economic matters between the private sector and the government, offers the government opinions and suggestions regarding policies and measures to promote development and resolve business difficulties in addition to national economy and trade development

– The Company operates under the main objective of promoting, developing, and solving business difficulties, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic situation whereby SMEs are among the groups severely and directly affected. Therefore, the Company has jointly proceeded with the following projects:

  1. Big Brother season 5 project, an initiative spearheaded by the private sector to assist fellow private sector companies to increase operational flexibility in operations while achieving goals. The Company’s SME mentorship role through the Coaching and Mentoring process entails providing advice, suggestions, business skills training in order to increase potential for competition, cost reduction, profits gain, and international expansion. to expand into foreign markets
  2. “HUG THAIS” project to stimulate spending by both Thais and foreign tourists into 3 product groups, namely food, tourism, and Thai products, through the concept of “Hug Dining, Hug Holidays, Hug Spending”, encompassing both elevating products and services to assist SMEs, organizing activities, and public relations to instill confidence and stimulate spending, issuing special coupons for participating provincial stores, commencing from the “HUG THAIS HUG PHUKET” project
  3. The Innovative Entrepreneur project is a special project (ad hoc) to promote and develop entrepreneur members’ potential through online channels involving Chamber of Commerce member consultations to prepare and adapt to current situations
  4. he 2x Points and ALL Online program provides support for Chamber of Commerce members and networks, including ALL Member Points 2, and includes special promotional benefits through both online and offline channels: 1. ALL Privilege in 7-Eleven application provides advertising and publicizing space for the entrepreneur’s products or stores free of charge, 2. ALL Deal and 3. Shop in Shop, supports SME member distribution channels
  5. Business Accelerator Program through Company provided self-assessment system elicits SME improvement opportunities through online platforms including training organization to increase SME potential upon self-assessment
National policy on sustainable packaging management Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, Pollution Control Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

– Department of Environmental Quality Promotion was established with the objective of promoting, disseminating, and publicizing to enable awareness and participation in matters relating to the environment, human resource development, participation process, and environmental networks to promote environmental quality

– Pollution Control Department was established with the objective to manage, control, supervise and protect the environment from pollution

– The Company supports the joint objective of fostering, managing and preserving a pollution-free environment through joining forces with the private sector and coordination with the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion and the Pollution Control Department Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in initiating and collaborating on single-use of plastic bags, single-use plastics, waste sorting and other projects related to environmental issues, in addition to participating in the Public Private Partnership Plastic (PPP Plastic) team. This team, which was appointed by the Plastic Waste Management Committee, focuses on the development and utilization of plastic wastes to drive efforts in preventing and resolving plastic waste issues in Thailand and achieve concrete of results under the concept “Circular Economy”


Remork : Budget information comprises of membership free and or the cost of implementing the project.