Contributions to External Organization and Association

CP ALL recognizes the importance of good corporate governance and foresees the impact of misconduct in the organization, which could pose reputational risks. CP ALL code of business conduct prohibits any forms of political activities and contributions. The Company established the Anti-Corruption Policy as guidelines for business operations in order to foster transparency and work in accordance with the directions from the Board of Directors. Besides the anti-corruption policy, CP ALL has other related guidelines including anti-corruption guidelines, donation for charity guidelines, financial contribution guidelines, and guidelines on giving/accepting gifts, souvenirs and reception. The policy is reviewed annually by the Board of Committee under the Anti-corruption Policy and there is an evaluation of risk management relating to corruption, review of related policies and guidelines, and building awareness of anti-corruption among employees at all levels. However, since 2017, there was no spending or any activity related to politics, but only trade association membership fees.

The reported amount consists of membership fees for joining trade association

Activities 2020 (Baht) 2021 (Baht) 2022 (Baht) 2023 (Baht)
Lobbying, interest representation or similar 0 0 0 0
Local, regional or national political compaigns/organizations/candidates 0 0 0 0
Trade associations or tax-exempt groups (e.g. think tanks)
Other (e.g. spending releated to ballot measures or referendums) 0 0 0 0

The Company worked as an ally with every sector in order to increase awareness on the trends and needs, and to participate in sharing its views and advice, where, budgetary support was provided, which included supporting qualified persons of the Companies to provide their assistance to the associations as per the table below.

No. Association/Agency Budget for 2023 (Baht)
1 The Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand
2 Global Compact Network Thailand (GCNT)
3 The Federation of Thai industries
4 Thai Retailers Association

In 2022, CP ALL Plc. participated and supported projects with various organizations as follows.

Issues the Company and associations contribute to in 2022 Associations Participation Details Contribution (Baht)
Promote, build capacity and business opportunities for SME Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand
  • Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand were founded to serve as a neutral entity coordinating trade and economic efforts between the private-public sectors. They provide opinions and suggestions to the government relating to policies and measures promoting business, resolving challenges, facilitating development of Thailand’s economy and trade
  • The Company’s high-level executives joined in as Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand’s Strategic Board, as of 2021-2022, a total of 29 sub-committees. This comprises trade and investment subcommittee, retails and service subcommittee, agriculture, food and value added crops subcommittee, logistics & supply chain subcommittee, worker and skill development subcommittee
  • Conducts projects to promote and develop SME’s business adaptation plan post-COVID-19. This includes providing advices to resolve business challenges for SMEs through the following projects
    - Big Brother season 6 Serve as an SME’s mentors through the process of Coaching and Mentoring, by giving consultation, advice and training on business know-how to build capacity in competition, minimize investment and enhance revenues. This enables scale-up to overseas
    - Business Accelerator#2 Project Conducts an online self-assessment system for SME to help them identify opportunities for improvement as well as appropriate group-specific trainings per SME’s capacity. Furthermore, after the self-assessment, interviews and curriculum completion, the Company also promotes and supports SME’s opportunity to pitch products or services for experts to gain perspectives and business partnership considerations from partnered retailers
Promote innovation and technology, elevating entrepreneurs’ competitive capacity Federation of Thai industries
  • Federation of Thai Industries (FTI.) is a non-profit private organization representing Thai industries and entrepreneurs of various industries. Thailand’s 1987 Federation of Thai Industries Act (FTI) operates under Ministry of Industries. FTI’s role is to collaborate with public sector, both domestic and overseas in operating business and developing the industr
  • Project to apply 2-dimension barcode per GSI International Standard, driving innovation and elevating safety for consumers; monitor expiration dates for consumer groups at selling location, as well as building customers’ confidence in food safety
  • Cascade knowledge on important standards and laws for consumers’ safety, as well as preparing entrepreneurs for Modern Trade
  • Organize “Business Matching” to provide trade opportunities for SME entrepreneurs, as well as providing consultation and negotiations with CP ALL’s procurement officers
  • Present innovation and technology enabling decreased energy consumption
Domestic policy in sustainable packaging mangaement Department of environmental quality promotion, Pollution control department, Ministry of Natural resources and environment
  • Department of environmental quality promotion was founded to promote, share and communicate to raise awareness and engagement in matters relating to the environment, human capacity development, engagement process and network in environmental quality promotion
  • Pollution Control Department was founded to manage, control, govern and protect the environment
  • Participate as part of the Public Private Partnership Plastic (PPP Plastic) working committee, collaboratively drive the development and utilization of plastic waste to resolve plastic waste issues in Thailand tangibly under the concept of circular economy
  • Provide opnions and suggestions in development of Plastic Waste management Phase II Roadmap
  • Signed the "Green coffee shop" MOU with Ministry of Natural resource and the environment, to campaign, communicate, raise awareness and understanding to the public; enabling participation in waste and single-use plastic reduction, as well as promoting collaboration. 7-elven stores have environmentally friendly cafes, ‘All Cafe’ across Thailand serving as an example in reducing single-use plastic under the concept of "7 Go Green." Packaging has been changes and importance of sustainable natural resource and environment clearly reflected


Remork : Budget information comprises of membership free and or the cost of implementing the project.

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