Innovation Management

Innovation Creates intellect, increases business value



The rapid changes of digital technology has played an important role in influencing consumers’ lifestyles. As a result, new approaches and means of consumption are created to meet the increasing expectations for the products and services’ values. This is a global challenge. Moreover, technological changes also have effects on the business formats and operational contexts. For example, innovation is used in business operations to deliver fast and convenient services to consumers. It is also used in the business operations whose priority is on both society, environment, and business growth. Readiness to withstand digital technology changes is therefore a matter that every organization should emphasize and adapt to, simultaneously.

Management Approach

CP ALL Plc. and its subsidiaries (“the Company”) aim to manage innovation continuously. The Company aspires to become a corporate leader in innovation development, comprising development of new products and creative services, as well as the development in operational procedures of the organization. The Company aims to create positive impacts on society and the environment through the value-added innovation applied in new products and product development. For the Company and its subsidiaries, innovation development is welcomed from both within the organization and from its external stakeholders. Additionally, the Company has determined the model and management approach, as follows:

1The Establishment of Technology and Innovation Center 

  • Science Technology and Innovation Development OfficeSTIDO is responsible for consecutively driving the Company’s capacity and its role towards innovation and technology. Through research and development works, innovation and dissemination of new technology, and expanding the capacity into business operations in accordance with the Company’s strategy.
  • CP Food Lab Co., Ltd is a research development information hub. It was formed to support food research and development for CP ALL Plc., C.P. Groups, and other subsidiaries, both domestic and international. The Lab serves as the center of research and development collaboration efforts between public sector and private sector.
  • The Office of RockQuality Designation (RQDof CP ALL Plc is tasked with establishment of standards on food and beverage products such as meals, snacks, bakeries, vegetables, fruits and beverages, including with development of packaging that is Eco-Friendly.

2) Informational Technology Development and Digital Technology (Digital Transformation) 

Establishing of the information and digital technology department, is responsible for the security of information system of the company. It is also tasked with raising awareness regarding technological risks to employees of the organization. The information technology and digital technology department works on the system improvement to detect any abnormal activity within the information system. Additionally, the department serves as a data collection hub for data analysis. Data on information technology and other novel technology is used to elevate the Company’s operations, products and services.

3) Innovation Culture

CP ALL Plc. recognizes the importance of the organization driven by an innovation culture. Therefore, the company has promoted knowledge and understanding and created the atmosphere for employees to be creative through the CP ALL Plc. Closed innovations competition. To honor the projects that result in economic, social, and the environment, the Company encourages knowledge management within the organization. It aims to deploy new approaches to scale-up results and share best practices. Moreover, the Company promotes the application of knowledge retrieved from outside of the organization into business operations. By this, the company has cooperated with external stakeholders to create new approaches to the business. To encourage the improvement of work processes, the company has reduced unnecessary tasks for the organization to be more flexible. As a result, the employees are able to create valuable work and innovations for the company. They can keep up with the changing competitive conditions. Also, an innovation culture in which the executives and employees are involved is created. All of which delivers values to the nation, the people and the organization, consecutively.

Close Innovation

  • The President Awards program places emphasis on the creation of internal innovations among CP ALL’s Subsidiaries in discovering new products, services, and processes, leveraging diversity in the business group in order to meet the needs of customers, communities, society, and the country
  • Big Fish Awards is project emphasizes the creation of innovations from 7-Eleven branches that are present across the country, providing services to large numbers of customers daily. Operations leverage a cross-functional approach between different units within CP ALL Plc. to improve efficiency in product procurement and service.
  • Approval Process Excellence Awards is importance on process efficiency improvements in the decision-making and approval process to operate with speed and quality. This is done through leveraging IT to improve efficiency, meeting the needs of all involved parties, and making employees happy.

Open Innovation

CP ALL Plc., together with 11 national organizations, jointly organized the “Thailand Synergy to Propel Thai SMEs (for economic, society and the country)”. This Thailand Synergy Forum aims to support organizational researches from both public and private sectors, as well as support small and medium-sized entrepreneurs (SMEs) with channels and increasing market opportunities. It also honors the researchers and entrepreneurs who create innovative projects, which help develop and enhance the market competitiveness of the country. The ‘7 Innovation Awards project’ is also regarded as the channel to support cooperation between public and private sectors. All of which delivers values to the nation, the people and the organization, consecutively.

Key Project in 2019

Close Innovation

Souvenirs Across Thailand, Just a Click Away (24 Shopping)

Objective  Increase the sales channel of bestselling provincial products

In accordance with the demand of bestselling provincial products among people who reside in different regions, 24 shopping Co. Ltd. has selected most famous food products of each province to be distributed via online channel. It supports products for Thailand’s FDA certification standards, and to develop a delivery system that can preserve the food’s freshness until reaching customers. The distribution channel can be either via 7-Eleven stores nationwide or house delivery for customers’ convenience.

Results and Benefits

Smart CDC from Platform to Learning Center

Objective To Reduce work procedures

As the workload at temperature-controlled distribution centers increases, there is a tendency for working hours to spike. Therefore, the team has adjusted the work process to become a Digital Platform, starting from human capital development – elevate them to become change-leaders. The platform reduces work procedures to be more concise and improves data connectivity; this includes selecting the most suitable technology for the business, starting from product delivery, arrangement, delivery and logistics. The approval process has also been streamlined.

Results and Benefits

Open Innovation

Activated Charcoal from Cassava Rhizomes

A project from Tom Cassava Company Limited

Objective  Reduce the cost of “fruits and vegetables” preservation and creating income to farmers

A high quality, chemical-free, Activated Carbon, is produced from cassava rhizome. By developing a closed kiln system that does not require using external energy, the kiln can heat up to more than 1,000 degrees Celsius chemical-free. The system can be further developed into a product for improved life quality in safe food management and for vegetables’ and fruits’ preservation. This kiln system is environmental friendly. Also, the system can help cassava farmers to earn higher incomes.

Results and Benefits

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