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CP ALL Plc. and its subsidiaries (“the Company”) believes that the heart of helping a business move forward in a forever changing world is for an organization to constantly be improving itself. The Company realizes this importance and has supported research and development of technologies and the creation of innovation that covers all aspects of work. This includes management of implementation, environment and society, and promotion of organizational culture on innovation of the Company.

            “Because developing new things — either products, services, or businesses—is core to enabling the Company in discovery and responses to market demands; as well as developing new business models resilient to changing customer and market landscapes.”

The organization’s ability to continuously improve and keep pace with global contexts, which are constantly changing, are key success indicators for a modern business seeking to grow sustainably grow with the world. CP ALL Plc. and its Subsidiaries (“the Company”) aims to internally build a thought foundation by creating an atmosphere conducive for innovation- “observe, stimulate ideas, record, information exchange for development, support collaboration, create platforms for discussion and magnify results”. These are part of the organization’s “innovation culture”. Nevertheless, the Company has simultaneously pursued “Open Innovation” to spark off a market place of ideas, with greater depth and breadth. This was achieved through collaboration between the Company and external organizations. The Company’s efforts be innovative are not only in the interest of business survival, but are also pursued with the hope of creating greater value and positive impacts to broader society.

The company has pushed to create innovation to be the core of driving the organization to become an innovation organization in the future. By setting the operational guidelines or CPALL Innovation Model which can show details as shown in the picture.

CP ALL’s Innovation Model

For over the past 10 years, as part of the Company’s implementation in moving forward innovation in the economy, society and environment is the establishment of the competition on innovation both for the organization and to the public. The competition welcomes applications from outside the organization. The competitions have organized this since 1999 until present. Some of the examples of the innovations contest are

  • The President Award program places emphasis on the creation of internal innovations among CP ALL’s Subsidiaries in discovering new products, services, and processes, leveraging diversity in the business group in order to meet the needs of customers, communities, society, and the country.
  • Big Fish Award is project emphasizes the creation of innovations from 7-Eleven branches that are present across the country, providing services to large numbers of customers daily. Operations leverage a cross-functional approach between different units within CP ALL to improve efficiency in product procurement and service.
  • Process Excellence Award is importance on process efficiency improvements in the decision-making and approval process to operate with speed and quality. This is done through leveraging IT to improve efficiency, meeting the needs of all involved parties, and making employees happy.
  • 7 Innovation Awards which have been awarded to innovations on products and services that have impacted the economy and society, and gives opportunity to the winners of the competition to expand their business with the Company.

Another project as part of the Company’s work to advance innovation by CPRAM Co., Ltd. is the promotion of personnel in innovation project which can be divided into two main parts; the promotion of personnel according to each skill group and the promotion and encouragement of innovation creation through award incentives and score accumulation gained through winner different competitions. At present, there are 65 persons which are being implemented in CPRAM Co., Ltd. For instance, the withdrawal of products via the online system which helps cut down on many procedures and increases time that can be used for work and helps reduce product shortage, and the “chang-rew” project which helps minimize procedures, time and possible errors of in work.

            From these initiatives to move innovation forward, can be used to calculate added value to monitor progress. Implementations in innovation that can be shown in terms of economic value are

* Innovation from within the organization gathered and evaluated for value expansion for the organization through Big Fish Award, President Award and Process Excellence Award.

** Innovation open to public gathered and evaluated for value expansion for the organization through the 7 Innovation Awards.

The Company established the Science Technology and Innovation Development Office (STIDO). To manage and advance implementation on technological development for the expansion in the field of innovation of products and services, including the functioning within the Company. For instance, research and development, inventing, transfer, and monitoring of technological progress, both domestically and internationally. In 2018, the Company invested more than 30 million Baht in technological development through the work of STIDO which operates 7 centers as illustrated below

Furthermore, the Company has an Information and communications technology unit that is responsible for the maintenance of security of Information and communications technologies. There are 3 main goals which are raising awareness amongst employees about the various risks from external sources that may infiltrate information and communications systems, decreasing the time needed to recognize and investigate faults in the information and communications systems, and decreasing the time needed to resolve these issues. The Information and communications technology unit also maintains a database center used in the analysis for improving other operations and innovations, including for the environment, society, and management. The unit is also responsible for the strategic development of 6 fields as illustrated below: