Product Management for Health and Nutrition

Selecting hygienic food with the consumer health at heart

Key Performance in 2019


The current healthy food trends continue to become increasingly popular. Consumers increasingly emphasize the importance of nutrition and the source of the food causing an influx of for-health foods into the market. Technology involved in manufacturing rapidly increased and developed, enabling the producers’ ability to develop methods in producing food that possesses nutritional value and in forms that are more suitable for consumption for various age groups of the consumers. This is the background of the challenge that the Company had to tackle to resolve in ensuring the promotion of good health of the people through increasing potential and capacity to conduct research, and produce food aimed at increasing its nutritional value, in order to provide healthy options suitable to the different age groups for the consumers, and to increase the consumers’ access to quality and safe food for consumption.

Management Approach

The Company aims to provide good opportunities for its consumers, increasing potential and capacity to conduct research focused on enhancing nutritional value for different age groups, enhance the production processes whereby policies and approach on quality and nutrition will include that of products, accessibility of information and communication with the consumers, and promoting access to well-being, specifying criteria for products to fall under the category of health products, including specifying strategy, building an understanding with the customers of 7 Eleven’s concepts surrounding vegetable and fresh fruit cultivation, etc. This will also include planning for good health, beauty, and well-being of the customers for the years 2019 – 2023, focused on improving the nutritional value of the group of for-health products, ready-to-eat foods, beverages, snacks, and bakery goods, as well as caring for the quality and safety of the products.

Product Quality and Safety

To strengthen consumer trust in food safety, the Company manage its operations to obtain products with the highest quality and level of safety for consumers through strict selection methods for its raw materials and products from other suppliers. Whereby the company works together with partners, primary producers, stakeholders, throughout the supply chain, include developing quality production processes that have been certified manufacturing standards, such as, GMP, CODEX, HACCP, FSSC from internationally renowned agencies that provide certification

In addition, the Company has founded the following departments responsible for food safety:

  • Department for Quality Sales Standard Inspection (QSSI)is tasked with the inspection of the management of 7-Eleven stores in terms of services and product quality. This measure ensures that customers receive products of the specified quality standard. The department inspects every branch on a monthly basis.
  • Department for Product Quality Assurance QA under the office of Rock-Quality Designation (RQD)is tasked with the standards establishment for products and store quality management improvement and development according to complaints, random inspections and regulations. Branches will be randomly inspected in accordance to the considerations above to enable the improvement of standards and adoption for the relevant parties.

Complaint and Product Recall Process

The Company have developed systems and a product recall process due to quality complaints to ensure that substandard products do not reach consumers. The RQD department in conjunction with the Call Service handles and inspects complaints. Upon receiving a complaint and the completion of the recall evaluation, the branch will be informed to remove the products from display shelves. The branch will report back to the RQD department. Furthermore, the complaint will be investigated jointly with the purchasing department, other relevant departments according to the product and suppliers.

Key Project in 2019

“Eat Well, Live Well, Stay Happy” Project

Objective To create a good health and well-being to the customers

The project was commenced by adding continually adding a variety of products in each of the categories, and organizing the categories in a way the health products would be noticeable and stand out. Furthermore, different public relations work were carried out in relation to the benefits of the goods, nutritional value, to create an increased awareness with the customers and the society. In addition to the continual development and new product releases to meet the needs of the different groups of customers, more products were added to the online channels and systems involving payments were improved for convenience. The Company created a model store at a 7-Eleven branch in Bangkok Hospital. Additionally, the Company has expanded branches to potential locations, such as the 7-Eleven branch in Prasanmit, an educational location, and also office locations, among others.

Results and Benefits

Expanded the project to 13 branches
The sales volume of for-health foods increased by 7,250 Baht per branch
The average growth rate increase by 16% of the store branches that were participate in the project

Meal for Care Project

Objective To increase the choices of for-health foods for the consumers

The Company worked on the type of goods and the formula of the goods in general to increase the nutritional value, levels of energy, sodium, fat, and sugar to be suitable for meals in the category of health products for jointly developed products and other new types of general goods as follows.

Results and Benefits

Example of health products launched in 2019

Other Data

R&D Unit

CP Food Lab Co., Ltd is a research development information hub. It was formed to support food research and development. The Lab serves as the center of research and development collaboration efforts between public sector and private sector.

Example of outstanding project in 2019

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The Office of Rock-Quality Designation (RQD) of CP ALL Plc. is tasked establishment of standards on Food and Beverage Products such as meals, snacks, bakeries, vegetables, fruits and beverages. RQD’s actions start from concept outline for products responsive to consumers’ needs, such as healthy food and food nutrition. Therefore, the Company sets the concept of products for healthy food and nutrition values. The office of RQD conducts food and nutritional value analysis, recipe development, and production process innovation, packaging process, preservation process and logistics. This ensures products reach consumers are of consistently high quality.

Health & Well Being Performance Data

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Related Policy and Guideline

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