Stakeholder Engagement Management

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CP ALL Plc. and its Subsidiaries (“the Company”) have analyzed and categorized all relevant stakeholders to better identification of boundaries, and addressing stakeholders’ expectation. The Company has changed categorization of stakeholders, from previously 8 groups to 10 groups. Understanding the need or expectation of each stakeholder group is crucial in effectively satisfying stakeholders. Instantaneously, the Company also benefited from awareness promotion among its employees, specifically on the importance of good relationship with stakeholders. The Company has processes to monitor any grievances arise. This buttresses the Company in moves for boundary expansion, aiming to eventually engagewith all stakeholder groups.

The Company has promoted multi-channel stakeholder engagement forcollection of feedback, recommendations, permitting acknowledgement and comprehension of all involved stakeholders. This aids the Company in future formulation of the best responses to topics of concerned, and make progress with them, in alignment to continual development and improvement. On this note, opinions of all stakeholder groups have been analyzed, and considered a key agenda in Sustainability Report 2017.