Management Approach in relation to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Products

Due to consumer concerns about products related to genetically modified organisms, and because the company needs to promote the quality and safety of food, the Company is therefore determined to look for, select and develop innovative products that create good value for each of the stages of life, as well as selecting quality raw materials from sources with responsible management, that controls quality throughout the entire process, from raw material to the end product with international standards, including considering the use of raw materials from biotechnology as an alternative based on scientific research and safety assessment for consumers by the relevant governmental agencies.

The Company therefore has clear policies in strictly respecting and complying with all laws and regulations concerning GMOs in the countries where the Company has business operations or investments. This includes, Including customer requirements that are not contrary to laws and regulations on GMOs, whereby the partners are required to complete questionnaires on the procurement of raw materials containing GMOs and attach proof previous certification in cases where claims that the partners’ products are free of GMOs are made in accordance to legal risk groups, in order to enable the Company to deliver quality products that are safe for consumption and traceable to its customers and consumers.

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