GMO Product Guideline

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CP ALL Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries recognize the importance of “biotechnology” that plays a crucial role in humanity by giving benefits to various areas such as agriculture, food, and the environment. This can be used as an alternative to help enhance food security by increasing yield, resisting pests and diseases, and enduring the changing climate.

The Company’s priority is to provide safe and quality products to address the needs and health of our consumers. Thus, the Company has been investing in research and development to enhance nutrition and health of consumers of all ages. We source raw materials from responsible sources, control quality by using internationally-accepted standards throughout the supply chain from raw materials to end process, and consider using raw materials that are the products of biotechnology as the alternative. These are, however, based on rigorous scientific research and within the assessment on consumer safety by related government agencies.

In order to provide quality products that are of high nutritional value, safe, and traceable to customers and consumers, the Company has a clear policy to respect and strictly comply with the laws and regulations on GMOs of the country in which we operate or invest in. We also take into account customer requirements that do not contradict the laws and regulations on GMOs.

Genetically Modified Organisms Policy