Sustainable Packaging Management

Key Performance in 2020

Risk and Opportunities

CP ALL Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries operate retail and wholesale businesses for consumer goods, with a myriad of food and non-food products in the stores. All of the products have packaging that is crucial to protect the products to ensure delivery to consumers in perfect condition. Since there are many products sold daily to our customers, the consumption of packaging is relatively high. The Company realizes the importance of the selection of packaging as well as the management of packaging after it is used. The Company has established the Green Packaging Strategy which aims to minimize negative impacts to the environment and takes into consideration sustainable development, through eco design process to select materials and use of packaging that we can manage and control with the involvement of employees, subsidiaries and stakeholders in sustainable packaging in order to spread happiness and sustainable environmental conservation efforts to the wider public.

Management Approach

The Company operates within the policy and guideline on packaging under the aim of minimizing the amount of waste sent to the landfill process through the “Decrease and Discontinue” concept which supports the Government’s plastic waste management plan, which aims for 100% reuse of plastic by 2027. Therefore, the Company developed a policy for sustainable packaging in which the primary objective is to prevent negative impacts on the environment and while considering the sustainable development based on the Circular Economy concept. The considerations are from the packaging design stage to the selection of packaging stage for all processes which takes the Product Life Cycle into account. The part that the Company directly controls considers the benefits received for the safety of consumers and communities, must be in line with market demand, and adds competitive cost. Waste management is carried out appropriately and must provide the highest value, and materials must be sourced from sustainably – managed renewable resources. All in all, the Company’s main goal on Private Brand sustainable packaging management is for 100% of the utilized plastic packaging to have reusable, or recyclable, or compostable material properties by 2025. In achieving these goals, the following three principal measures and four guidelines have been created.

Key project in 2020

7 Go Green Recycle Plastics Road

Objective   To reduce amount of plastic waste that potentially impact to the environment and biodiversity.

The Company applies Circular Economy to encouraging the plastic management guideline of bags, trays, bottles and cups for recycling. The project plays a part in solving the global crisis on marine plastics and is a collaboration between CP ALL Plc., SCG Chemicals Company Limited and Dow Thailand Group. The recycled plastic roads is taking plastic waste that is separated from offices, the distribution center, 7-Eleven stores, CPRAM Company Limited, Panyapiwat Institute of Management, Panyapiwat Technology College, hospitals and communities around 7-Eleven stores. These plastic waste has undergoes multidisciplinary processes and techniques that increase the road’s strength and endurance against corrosion. This collaboration that has applied the technology on recycled plastic roads as initiative project for Thailand.

Impact and benefits:

  • The Recycle Plastics Road were built at two 7-Eleven stores i.e. Sai Mai Soi 3 branch and Rat Phatthana Soi 24 branch, and two office areas.
  • Approximately 0.865 tonnes (865 kg) have been brought back to use in communities.

Continuing of the ‘Thais United Against Plastic Bags’ Through the ‘Reduction and Substitution’ Project

Objective   To reduce amount of plastic waste that potentially impact to the environment and biodiversity

The Company follows the policy to reduce the use of plastic bags for the third consecutive year under the project ‘Thais united against plastic bags’. The project raises environmental awareness in reducing the use of plastic bags continues with the corporation of customers and partners in response to the government’s policy to create a network of private businesses to refrain from using plastic bags, as well as to create the culture and consumer behavior changes in refusing plastic bags.

Impact and benefits:

Green Packaging Management Project

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Other Performance

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