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CP ALL Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries operate retail and wholesale businesses for consumer goods, with a myriad of food and non-food products in the stores. All of the products have packaging that is crucial to protect the products to ensure delivery to consumers in perfect condition. Since there are many products sold daily to our customers, the consumption of packaging is relatively high. The Company realizes the importance of the selection of packaging as well as the management of packaging after it is used. The Company has established the Green Packaging Strategy which aims to minimize negative impacts to the environment and takes into consideration sustainable development and all stages of the product life cycle, through eco design process to select materials and use of packaging that we can manage and control. The Green Packaging is designed with consideration to:

  • Benefits received
  • Safety for consumers and communities
  • Market criteria for performance and cost
  • Effective and suitable waste management and its value after use
  • Use of materials from sustainably-managed renewable resources

The Company has established guidelines on packaging as follows:

  • Develop or choose to use packaging under the Reduce – Reuse – Recycle (3R) concept with the aim of minimizing wastes to landfills
  • Seek to use materials from sustainably-managed renewable resources where appropriate, with consideration to packaging and product performance; business suitability; waste management and minimum impact on the environment
  • Seek to use recycled materials where appropriate and where there is an environmental benefit
  • Support initiatives of packaging and product manufacturers on using clean production technologies and best practices to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Support initiatives to reduce the use of new packaging
  • • Support the implementation of the Take-Back System for recycling or reuse of used packaging as appropriate

Operations guided by the policy have brought about packaging initiatives with the involvement of employees, subsidiaries and stakeholders in sustainable packaging in order to spread happiness and sustainable environmental conservation efforts to the wider public. An example of a project on management of packaging implemented by the Company is as follows:

GREENPackaging The Environmentally Friendly Packaging Project is a project under the 2016-2022 timeframe. The Company has implemented this project adopting the 3R (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle) Principle to mitigate environmental impacts caused by packaging. This was achieved though a reduction of natural resources consumption and post-consumption waste generation. The details for each 3R key component are as follows:

Various projects campaigning for reduction of plastic bag usage

  • Promotion of the use of cloth bags by lending out cloth bags in the branch stores situated in the University campus and special offers for barcode cloth bags.
  • Project for reduction of plastic bag usage with external parties such as Mahidol University, Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University, and Hospital for Tropical Diseases.