Water Stewardship

Water Stewardship

Key Performance in 2019


“Water” is one of nature’s resources that is comparable to the heart of every life on earth. At present, the economic developments, technological advancements, and the population expansion faced by the various communities, have further intensified, affecting to production of goods of the industrial sector, the production of agricultural goods, and the developmental city planning construction projects; i.e. the need to use more water, continually. The United Nations World Water Development Report 2019 states that the world’s water scarcity continues to worsen, with climate change and the increased, continual water use being the main contributors. Annually, more than 4 billion people all over the world face water scarcity, and more than 2 billion people lack access to a source of clean drinking water. Thus, in order to respond to increasing of water withdrawal, therefore CP ALL Plc. and its subsidiaries (“the Company”) created opportunities and sustainability to enhance the efficiency of water usage for more securely and in a way that will generate the highest benefit in the future. The Companies, together with society, aim to sustainably operate their businesses, and therefore give importance to efficient management and stewardship of water sources, in order to grant equal access to the natural resources at each of society’s localities, whereby the focus is aimed at developing water stewardship throughout the supply chain, so as to ensure all sectors at each level of society and businesses can equally have the chance to use water.

Management Approach

The Companies have developed plans to improve water consumption efficiency per revenue unit, involving the management of risks caused by water scarcity, and to increase the proportions of water reuse, fostering a mindset in water stewardship within the organization, promoting the communities’ access to water sources, including the participation to handle with water treatment system at surrounding communities, all the way to give importance and pay additional attention to the customers by fully acknowledging responsibility where, this ensures the customers can be satisfied in the quality (fresh, clean, and safe) and at the value-for-money aspect. The Companies’ primary source of water is the municipal water which use for general purposes such as, washing and to be used in food and beverages processing. The Companies’ secondary source of water is the groundwater specifically used in some areas such as CPRAM Company Limited, where the company use of the heat generated from the depths of the groundwater, which suitable to replace warm water for hand and equipment cleaning in the production process.

Key project in 2019

Water Risks Assessment in the Company’s operating areas

Objective: to assess the water risk in the Company’s operating area.

The Companies assessed the areas with water scarcity risk, including the localities where 7-Eleven stores and CP ALL Plc. distribution centers are based, localities where CPRAM Company Limited and Siam Makro PCL operate, by using the Aqueduct Tool developed by the World Resources Institute (WRI), which is a tool widely recognized by the industry.

Results and benefits:

The risk assessment conducted reveals that 1% under CP ALL Plc. operated in areas with water stress risk, some of which may involve high risk.

Water Stress

Proportion of Operational Areas with Water Stress

Examples of Water Management Plan

Water Risks Assessment in the Critical Tier 1 suppliers

Objective: to assess the water risk in the Critical Tier 1 suppliers area.

The Companies revisited the risk assessment results for 190 Critical Tier 1 Suppliers by using the Aqueduct tool developed by the World Resources Institute (WRI)

Results and benefits

  • 13 suppliers were located in areas with extremely high risk
  • 14 suppliers were located in areas with high risks
  • 100% of suppliers which operating in areas with potential risks of water scarcity provided their cooperation, with upcoming water risk management plans

Other performance

Performance Data of Water Stewardship

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