Water Stewardship

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Water is a natural resource that is essential to all living things and has a direct impact on livelihood. At the same time, water is important to business operations. At present, water shortage has become more severe throughout the world. The Company recognizes this problem and associated risks. In this regard, the Company has prepared guidelines to ensure that is able to preserve the balance between the utilization of water and demand for water from the community and nature as follows:

  • Commit to minimize negative impacts to natural water sources to ensure that every household has good quality water in sufficient amount for use and consumption
  • Promote effective water management in all units of the organization; conduct water risk assessment and follow conservation best practices; and apply appropriate technologies to increase water recycling and reuse
  • Support the principle that safe water supplies should be accessible and affordable for all members in the community in a fair and equitable manner
  • Promote collaboration on water utilization and water conservation with the community and related stakeholders; and respond to concerns from the local community and society in a transparent and timely manner
  • Promote awareness and understanding of water conservation among employees and key stakeholders through training, knowledge sharing and campaign activities
  • Disclose regarding water management in order to report on progress against set goals to inform stakeholders
  • Collaborate with governmental authorities, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), educational institutes, communities and other agencies in order to jointly solve problems related to water resource management at the national level