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Risks and Opportunities

Education is an important tool for human life. Basic education is a fundamental right and a vital factor that opens social opportunities, creates sustainable career paths, and drives communities and the country to progress efficiently. However, there are still many without access to quality education. In this regard, the Company takes part in providing access and opportunities to education for children, youth, and vulnerable groups—they are to have equal access to basic education and lifelong learning, both in formal and informal education, through a variety of academic programs. The objective is to encourage youths to have knowledge and skills to further their careers as well as support them to grow up to be “smart and good people” for society.

Performance Against Goal

2030 Goals

500,000 persons

To support children, youth, adults, and vulnerable groups to access both formal and informal education-having access to technical and professional skills necessary for their profession, including the campaign of lifelong learning

Performance Summary 2021

Promoting and supporting access to quality education

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The Campaign for Lifelong Learning

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Management Approach

The rationale begins with the realization that knowledge is an opportunity and a future for youth and the nation. CP ALL Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries (“the Company”) have been continually working on education-oriented projects and the agenda of lifelong learning—enabling people to thrive amidst changes in the employment landscape with the acquisition of new skills. The approach includes building a positive attitude, developing new learning challenges, and encouraging enthusiasm for learning, so the youths can be able to adapt to various changes in the future. The Company also continuously delivers academic opportunities for youths by collaborating with other stakeholders, establishing an academic institution, delivering knowledge in the form of learning both inside and outside the classroom, along with on-the-job training and awarding scholarships. The approach of youth development began in 1995 as a guideline to create career opportunities and improve the quality of life for youth. The Company believes that quality education can create career opportunities and a better quality of life for the people in society.

In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic tremendously affected youths’ access to education. The Company, therefore, develops online teaching and learning system for students, so they have reduced risks of infection and the new method of learning makes education easier, faster, and safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. Examples of new activities and measures regarding the issue are body temperature screening before entering the school, wearing a mask, social distancing, and regular cleaning of equipment and school premises—this is for the highest safety of all students and staff in the school.

Promoting and Supporting Access to Quality Education

CP ALL Plc. has established 2 academic institutions, and they have been in operation for more than 15 years, i.e., Panyapiwat College of Technology (PAT), producing professional personnel with a vocational certificate and a high vocational certificate level; and Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM) which provides opportunities for further education for at the bachelor’s, master, and doctoral levels. The Company also established the Panyapiwat Institute of Management Demonstration School (PIM Demonstration School) for the secondary education level from school grades 1-6 and more than 20 Panyapiwat Learning Centers across the country, which aim to expand access to education through an online system (VDO Conference).

In addition, the Company established Panyapiwat Learning Centers in various community areas, totaling 20 centers, and signed an agreement with private vocational schools and more than 118 academic institutions under the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) to issue a vocational certificate program (vocational certificate) in the field of retail business. At present, there are more than 15,000 students in the program. The college has various activities and projects that are organized to promote the organization’s operation. The outstanding projects are as follows:

Returning Loved Ones to Society

Panyapiwat College of Technology and Panyapiwat Learning Center, together with the Department of Observation and Protection of Children and Youth, provide opportunities for past juvenile offenders across the country. They can study with Panyapiwat Technology at the vocational level, retail business course, and retail business management in a bilateral format. Students learn by studying the theory at an academic institution intermixed with vocational internships at 7-Eleven stores for at least three months. Participants are eligible to receive income during their studies and a guarantee of employment after graduation. In addition, participants can learn about coffee during their vocational training-the program is organized by Panyapiwat Coffee Vocational Training Center (P-CoT) in collaboration with the Selection & Screening Department and Bellini Premium Café. The coffee program by CP ALL Public Company Limited consists of 3 modules, e.g., barista training, baking, and shop management. The Company also organize barista competitions under the project “Promoting and developing professional skills of for youths” to prepare participants who once committed juvenile crimes to re-enter society. They can benefit from the program by utilizing the skill and making a career out of what they have learned, being self-sustainable that can partake in the economy. Most importantly, they can live with dignity in society despite their past and therefore reduce the risks of re-committing a crime. The Company awarded 62 scholarships for this project.

Bilateral education project

CP ALL Plc., together with Panyapiwat College of Technology, the Office of Vocational Education Commission, and the Office of the Basic Education Commission, have entered a memorandum of cooperation in accordance with the project of education management for the integration of bilateral agency and bilateral studies with 2-way communication system since the 2019 academic year. By the rationale of this project, CP ALL Plc. has a duty to award scholarships and facilitate on-the-job training. Panyapiwat College of Technology is to manage professional coursework in the form of distance teaching (Conference) for academic institutions. These academic institutions, under the Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC), are responsible for providing teaching materials and supervising students. The Office of Vocational Education Commission by Nonthaburi Technical College is responsible for supervising and following up on on-the-job training, vocational training, learning, and the transfer of academic results in a bilateral education format. The bilateral education project has an objective to increase vocational education opportunities for students. They can choose to study it concurrently at the high school level and graduate with two qualifications: a high school diploma and a vocational certificate. In addition, the project also responds to the government’s policy to increase the number of vocational learners. And the project is to prepare skilled workers to enter the labor market for the benefit of the nation’s future development. At present, here are 29 academic institutions participated in the project and the number of students who joined the project are 898 students.

The institute has established the “Learning Life Fund” or PIM SMART to support scholarships for students participating in the project. These scholarships have no obligation upon graduation and can help students earn income while studying. At present, there are 11 cohorts of graduates from the institute, totaling more than 19,000 students and graduates.

In addition, the Company established the Panyapiwat Institute of Management, EEC Campus in Pattaya, Chonburi Province, which has been in operation since 2020. The objective is to produce graduates that meet the needs of the business sector in the Eastern Special Development Zone. Currently, PIM offers numerous higher education courses relevant to business applications, e.g., the Bachelor of Business Administration Program, Modern Trade Business Management Program, Bachelor of Business Administration Program for Food Business Management, Bachelor of Science Program for Digital Technology and Information Technology, and Bachelor of Engineering Program, Industrial Engineering, and Intelligent Manufacturing, and the most recently approved program is the Bachelor of Nursing program. The success of PIM is rooted in its focus on on-the-job training for students and the ability to facilitate job experience at the real workplace. So, students have skills that meet the needs of the labor market in terms of management and the service business in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) for more than 350 students.

Sharing of Education Opportunities

CP ALL Plc. continues the policy to promote education for youth development in accordance with the motto “Creating and sharing opportunities with each other.” The Company has been awarding scholarships for Thai students in grades 4-6 at the vocational level (vocational certificate and high vocational certificate level) and higher education (bachelor’s degree) for the 13th consecutive year. In 2021, a total of 37,132 scholarships had been awarded, with a total value of over 1,247 million Baht, and there is a total of 7,938 graduates from all programs. Students also receive the opportunity to work with the Company after they graduate. The Company immediately offers those who have completed vocational education an assistant manager position and those with high vocational education a managerial position in 7-Eleven stores. The Company also offers a special opportunity to become the co-owner of a 7-Eleven store in the form of a joint venture (Store Business Partner: SBP)—in this academic year; 2,663 graduates have graduated and work with the Company.

The Campaign for Lifelong Learning

CONNEXT ED Project, phase 4

In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company remains committed to nurturing and advancing the education of schools and communities. The CONNEXT ED Project operates under five strategic frameworks, combined with a sustainability framework on self-sufficient schools to cultivate schools and communities with entrepreneurial skills, so participants can generate sustainable income. The project enables the school and its projects to move forward and support knowledge integration for academic institutions or local courses. The project also integrates the strengths of each project into eight learning subject categories in accordance with the core curriculum-creating learning processes in both active learning and problem-based learning that are consistent with the competency-based curriculum according to the Ministry of Education’s policy. The project includes the development of a community learning center, an open space for people in the community to learn short courses, a journey to Lifelong Learning, and the project may expand to other schools in the implementation of Phase 4. In the 2021 academic year, the Company jointly developed 105 additional schools, sponsoring the budget, knowledge, and necessary academic equipment, as well as sending academic experts from the Company (School Partner) to be partners to help schools closely and continuously in developing and solving problems. Past successes include the implementation of over 500 projects in the field of agriculture, academic, art, culture, and environmental projects, including providing educational opportunities for people in the community-advancing academic institutions to be learning community centers. In addition, the Company formed an integrated module in agriculture, handicrafts, and environment-the result is the content in the form of a local curriculum for teachers and students, ready to be expanding into a successful model for other schools. In 2021, there are projects from Best Practice School, School Model, and Partnership School that the Company has helped to develop. These outstanding projects are as follows.

Necessary Skills for the Future

The Company promotes the advancement of knowledge and abilities and training for necessary career skills for youth via a variety of projects. In 2021 there are outstanding projects as follows:

The Creative AI Camp, 4th Year

The Company has been running the Creative AI Camp to develop AI creative skills for high school and vocational students for the 4th year consecutively. The project ran under the human concept of “AI Creativity, Create AI” (AI Creativeness) for the benefit of society. In 2021, the Company implemented a project through a blend of online and offline learning as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. There were workshops and Phenomena Work-based Education Learning to simulate attending a real camp for three months.

The business partners and key speakers cooperated in organizing the camp project; 20 connections were established, e.g., qualified teachers from the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Panyapiwat Institute of Management, AI Specialist, Gosoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd., iKnow Plus Co., Ltd., SUNPLEX GROUP AMBIENT GROUP, including Data Scientist from leading AI companies in Japan, Amazon Web Service (AWS), a global cloud platform developer, and provider of cloud services, and TKK Corporation Co., Ltd., comprehensive provider of robotics and automation for service and industrial applications in addition to integrating creative AI methods through the Creative AI Convergence by Go Philosophy and raising IQ through knowledge of ABCD technology clusters. This year, there are also two groups of youth: 1) Business AI, which focuses on business knowledge related to AI analysis and application, and Technical AI—the programs have an emphasis on in-depth technology skills, creative ideas, and produce works to meet the needs and aligned with current changes of the business world. All activities are intensive programs and carried out through a fully online system for two months.

  • New Learning Space: a learning space with facilities to expand AI
  • New Creative Community: a new community that collaborates to create works in AI
  • New Innovations & Solutions: New Innovations & Solutions with AI created by the club members