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CP ALL Plc. and its Subsidiaries (“the Company”) realizes the important of human resource management which is an important force in doing retail business, both in terms of quantity and quality. Human resources must have the knowledge and skills. It is an opportunity to help the country’s children and youth to develop knowledge, skills to become good and talented people as a future force to drive the country forward. Furthermore, the Company gives importance to agriculture, since it is the foundation of all resources that are used in various processes to become the Company’s products for different undertakings. The Company believes that education is one factor to help build capability in the agriculturalists, in one way or the other.


Education Support that Answers the Labor Market and Develops Youth into Professionals

Our efforts in education became apparent and noticeable in broader society since 1995. The Company initiated a bilateral project with the Office of Vocational Education Commission in the area of retail business for Diploma of Vocational Education and Diploma of Advanced Vocational Education, turning 7-Eleven stores into a “classroom” for those in the retail business major. Establishing an Educational Institution From our initiative to provide training facilities for vocational students, the Company saw the opportunity to leverage our expertise in business to increasingly support education and incubate students. Along with our commitment to promote education to support the needs of the private sector, in 2005, the Company founded Panyapiwat Technological College (PAT) to foster personnel with an academic training and real work experience that can be put in practice in the Company’s different departments, in addition to also being an important driver to maintain and improve the quality of the Thai workforce. With our success with PAT, the Company also discovered an opportunity to share our knowledge of retail business management—a core strength of the business. This was the beginning of Panyapiwat Learning Center, under the management of CP ALL Public Company Limited and with the educational oversight of Panyapiwat Technological College. The Learning Center was set up to expand access to education in retail business management, offering youths educational opportunities in close proximity to their homes and additional income from their theoretical instruction at the center combined with on-the-job training at branch stores every 3 months. The Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM) was then established to expand the scope of education being offered, ranging from Vocational Certificate, Diploma of Advanced Vocational Education, to Bachelor degree, starting with the Business Administration faculty. The Institute also expanded to 10 faculties to give students more options, including the Faculty of Communication Arts, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Education, as well as a Modern Business Management program and a Human and Organization Management program offered at the graduate level. The Institute works with other leading educational institutions abroad in order to share knowledge and exchange students in each school term. It also works with private sector organizations to accept interns in related areas. In 2017, the Company expanded our efforts to cover secondary education, founding the Panyapiwat Institute Demonstration School. The school is unique in that its education system is modeled after Finnish schools, famous for having the best education in the world, with the hope to prepare students to become quality global and local citizens. The school offers 3 main subjects with English as the medium of instruction: Mathematics, Science, and English—in addition to offering Chinese as a third language. The school aims to cultivate students who are not only capable and skilled, but also happy learners, which can be illustrated below

The project on education, for instance establishing educational institutions and working with various organizations

Education Projects and Other Support Initiatives

            1. Projects within Panyapiwat Technical College (PAT)

The Company established the Business for Young program to help promote and build understanding for youths in choosing and working in different fields within the retail business. At Wat Bang Kradi, the Company, with the help of Bang Khun Tian District, organized a volunteer project to help kids create a cooperative. The main objective was to build readiness for students in making decisions on their field of work and help reduce the problem of labor shortage within industrial sector. Furthermore, it taught youths to understand the changing nature in business and its effects to the retail sector. In 2018, 86 students took part in the project.

            2.Cooperation with the “Prasarn Palang Pracharat” project – CONNEXT ED

The Company joined hands with 11 other leading companies to plan for the development and advancement of educational sector reform, which includes 10 strategies of the “Prasarn Palang Pracharat” project, in the field of basic education and leadership development (E5) and leaders to build sustainable education project (CONNEXT ED). The latter is a joint project between the private and public sector and has been ongoing since 2016. This project just entered its second phase. The Company has developed 350 schools, which is 15 percent of the planned target population, and has reached 50,000 students.


The Company has supported scholarships to students and to date the Company has given out 28,518 scholarships worth more than 966,631,846 Baht. These scholarships include vocational education and higher education, and 5,596 students have graduated from these programs and have become an important workforce for the Company, society and the country. Moreover, because the Company is confident in the capabilities and students of the Panyapiwat Institute, the Company enacted a policy to employ graduates from the Institution. These students have good career advancement and receive special benefits in becoming a store business partner (SBP). In 2018 (total data from 2015- 2018) 6,258 graduates worked with the Company.

For agriculturalist, the Company is determined to organize activities on occupational training and study visits by the Company.

The results of all the above projects for 2018, the Company gave opportunities in education to 168,098 persons from the target group (for the years 2015 – 2018). This achieves the goals set up by the Company from the first year.

Creating Love of Learning

With an aim to make Thailand a learning society equipped with quality citizens, CP ALL has carried out two branches of development programs for the country’s youth by taking into account their interests, age-appropriate skill development, and continuous learning.

            1. Promoting holistic language skills Since 1999, CP ALL, in association with Srinakharinwirot University, the Writer’s Association of Thailand, and Thai Language Teachers’ Association, has created numerous events to promote holistic development of the Thai language in youths, such as the Love Reading, Literature Seeds, and 7-Eleven Discovers Dream Cartoonist projects. Additionally, the “7 Book Awards” was organized annually to find, support, and give recognition to quality writers, and to create a habit of reading in Thai society. In 2015 the “Poetry Stairs” program was founded to help youths develop an array of literature skills.

            2. Sharpening of the mind with Go CP ALL has been successful in promoting the game of Go, helping it gain popularity among Thai youths. We also host Go tournaments regularly such as the King of Go Thailand Tournament, Thailand 16 Dan Go League, and the BMA Kids Go Tournament, and promote the game through an online channel at According to a study carried out by Mahidol University, Go improves intelligence, creativity and analytical thinking. Go players experience improved results in focus, memory and organizational skills.