Leadership and Human Capital Development

Leadership and Human Capital Development

Risks and Opportunities

The essential resources to drive sustainable business growth, success, and goal achievement, are the personnel within the organization. There is importance in developing equal and non-discriminatory personnel to increase employees’ competency according to changes in the global economy, society, and environment. To prepare the organization for future changes, employees must develop essential skills, increase understanding of the technological era towards digital platforms, and develop new skills. Both development planning and analytical tools are paramount to the Company to assess personnel competency and needs. It enables the organization to analyze personnel data, essential skills, design employee engagement programs, and employee well-being for the Company’s sustainable growth and preparedness in the future.

Performance Against Goal

2030 Goal


All leaders and employees will be involved in the learning process and activities on sustainability annually

Performance Summary 2021

Average Hours Per Year of Training and Development (%)

Average hours per FTE of training and development      23.5

By Age

 Average hours per person       Average hours per FTE

Under 30 years old 19.74 22.78
30-50 years old 21.64 22.26
Over 50 years old 23.98 22.93

By Gender

 Average hours per person       Average hours per FTE

Male 18.25 19.95
Female 21.96 25.49

By Level

 Average hours per person       Average hours per FTE

Top Management 74.59 71.41
Management 31.63 32.59
Junior Management 28.58 29.46
Officer 20.06 22.93

By Race/ Nationality

 Average hours per person       Average hours per FTE

Thai 20.86 23.91
Cambodian 15.51 13.78
Myanmar 14.08 12.55

Total Employees Participating in the Leaders Development Training according to the Action Learning Path (Persons)

Average amount spent per FTE on training and development. (Baht / person)

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement (%)

By Age (%)

Under 30 years old 58.8
30-50 years old 40.4
Over 50 years old 0.90

Coverage (%)

By Level (%)

Top Management 0.00
Management 1.80
Junior Management 1.20
Officer 96.90

By Gender (%)

Male 87
Female 88

Management Approach

The Company focused more on employee competency development at all levels under the employee development strategy framework, “Good and Smart People”. Various skills are encouraged through the program, such as professional upskill/reskill for work, organization sustainability, Personal Data Protection Law, Data Analysis, and Digital Literacy. The skills are for employees at all levels in the Company, subsidiary group
employees, store business partners, and granted sub-area store branches to have competencies required for work performance. All are preparing the organization to swiftly adjust for emergencies situations or crises and changes in the future.

Due to the increasingly severe and ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, possible effects include halted employee competency and development, limited work operations, and decreased work efficiency. The Company realizes the importance of continuous development of employee competency. Thus, a new training format for the New Normal era was developed, such as in-room training and various online training such as Virtual Training,
e-Learning, and On the Job Training (OJT). In addition, the Company developed easy-to-understand training programs, modified to be more interesting for all employees, subsidiaries, store business partners, and granted sub- area store branches to create necessary skills and reach their full potential. Thus, leading to continuous business operations under human resources management of the organization, under the concept
of successful work and happy people throughout their work lifespan with the Company.

Sustainable Employee Skills Development and Career Opportunities Framework

Development Path for Personnel in the Office

Development Path for Personnel in Operations

Development Path for Personnel in Distribution Centers

Professional Skills Development, Promoting Upskill/ Reskill

The Company encourages all employees to learn new ways of working (Upskill/ Reskill). The training programs give diverse knowledge and create a supportive learning environment encouraging work improvements and betterment, where managers and employees at all levels can be part of the organizational learning culture. In 2021, the important programs are as follows:

Mentorship from top management provides advice on various techniques, track project progress, and report results on improvements to generate a continuous learning collaboration during the project’s scope.

Talent Management

The Company recognizes the importance of preparing leaders and personnel to drive continuous, sustainable business practices. Using continuous management and developing high-performing employees with talent self-assessment as an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to build on their strengths and reduce weaknesses increases professional growth. Additionally, the specially designed program develops such groups using the “70:20:10” learning and development model.

Focusing on upgrading and developing CP ALL Group and the Charoen Pokphand Group

Developing operational-level leaders focusing on work process reform

Developing a new generation of leaders, focusing on business development

For new generation

Last year, besides direct teaching from supervisors, top management had an additional role in teaching through various media types such as video content.

Personnel Development Transitioning to the Digital Age Platform Era

The Company enhances employee development to obtain Digital Literacy competencies. Hence, the office staff had the opportunity to develop readiness using the Microsoft Office 365 program and various applications to increase work efficiency. Meanwhile, the Company developed digital competencies for store employees and managers at all levels by learning and assessing skill preparedness in data analysis in the digital era. Furthermore, the Company is working on upgrading skills in data analytics for employees analyzing data in various fields by learning how to use the Google Data Studio program to create visualizations and using Advanced Excel in preparing data, and data analysis using high-level statistics to support the implementation of business strategies and to become a Data-Driven Organization.

Personnel Development on Sustainability

For the Company to survive and grow stably and sustainably, adaptation and organizational development, including developing and educating employees at all levels, are critical, and to readily meet challenges bringing risk and opportunities in 2021 through the following significant programs:

Type of Performance Appraisal

The objective is to enable the Company to manage the success of the organization as one whole, which includes improving management style on employees at all levels to achieve the goals of the organization. To be systematic and standardized, an effective qualitative and quantitative evaluation criterion is used. The ALL Perform (SAP Success Factors) system is also used to communicate and give 360 degrees feedback within teams, cross functional teams, and department units, creating a work environment and culture with opportunities for self-improvement in order to continuously achieve better performance. In 2021, the total employees evaluated for the yearly performance appraisals through various formats are as follows:

Appraisal Type Evaluated Employees
Management by objectives 100%
Multidimensional performance appraisal 14.4%
Formal comparative ranking 100%

Employee Engagement

For work achievements with happy people, the Company considers employees to be the most valuable resource, comparable to the organization’s source of power to achieve set goals of the organization. Therefore, recognition and response to employee expectations are what the Company has always given importance to, from conducting a survey of the employee’s feelings and perspectives on the organization operations with 6 questions that reflect employee behavior in 3 aspects,

  • SAY : speak positively about the Company
  • STAY : behavior and determination to continue working with the organization, or high reluctance to leave the organization
  • STRIVE : behavior of employees who are fully committed to work or performing above and beyond normal work duties

The Company continuously surveys employee expectations. In 2021, employee engagement surveys were conducted with the system, Kincentric eX-Pulse Platform, from the Company, Kincentric (Thailand) Ltd. The results were compared at different time periods for current and up-to-date data for analysis, to formulate strategies and review criteria on improving employee engagement measures and employee participation which helps the organization achieve the set goals.

Other Information

GRI Standared Required Data 2018 2019 2020 2021
Hour/Person/Year Hour/Person/Year Hour/Person/Year Hour/Person/Year
404-1 Training and Development
  Average hours of training 25.47 22.18 18.91 20.68
  By Gender
  – Male 26.57 20.51 17.35 18.25
  – Female 24.37 23.84 20.47 21.96
  By Level
  – Top Management 67.96 69.88 84.40 74.59
  – Management 60.71 45.30 40.36 31.63
  – Junior Management 42.22 46.18 40.17 28.58
  – Officer 24.37 21.44 18.78 20.06

– N/A = Not Available
– Human resources performance reporting is made in accordance to the reporting framework of the GRI Standard, version 2016
– Human resources performance covers all business unit operations