Leadership and Human Capital Development

Mix the Similar, Mend the Different, and Make Good and Talented Individuals, mould to Unite a Force

Key Performance in 2020

Risk and Opportunity

Personnel is an essential resource in driving the Company towards its goals. Therefore, human resource management is a key performance indicator of the business’s success. With the current COVID-19 pandemic serving as a catalyst for Digital Transformation in the business sector, personnel competency development has become paramount for competencies, such as Cloud Technology, Social Media, Online Entertainment, and Online Payment. Furthermore, data and information analytics have become significantly beneficial in boosting productivity, designing new essential job skills for the present (Re-skill) and for the future (Up-skill), and sharpening the competitive edge. CP ALL Plc. and its subsidiaries (“the Company”) recognizes the importance of its personnel and has thus, developed a strategic framework in developing its personnel into “good and smart people” for the organization and society, increasing engagement, and retaining employees to thrive with the organization

 Management Approach

Since the Company recognizes the importance of personnel competency development, which is a key in driving the organization towards its goals and success, it aims to enhance competency and develop personnel. The Company has designed a personnel competency development framework to cover the entire process from recruitment, preparation before employment, and on the job training to welfare and opportunities for retiring employees. The framework adds value to the organization by developing competencies and providing advancement opportunities throughout an employee’s career.

Personnel Competency Development

The Company operates under a concept and framework of personnel training and development with consideration to various factors, such as corporate vision, mission, goals, and human resource management policies of the Charoen Pokphand Group as follows.

• Corporate business strategy.
• Essential job skills and future job skills.
• Evaluation of satisfaction and engagement from employees, customers, and suppliers.
• Employee development research and approach. • Academic research and published articles from leading consultancy firms.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement toward the organization changes on a daily basis. On some days, there may be high engagement while on other days, there may be low engagement. The Company sees the importance of these daily changes in employee feelings and has designed an employee engagement and satisfaction assessment toward the Company’s operations in 2 forms as follows.

                • Employee Engagement Full Surveys conducted every 2 years.
                • Employee Engagement Pulse Surveys conducted once or twice every year.

The 2020 employee engagement and satisfaction assessment received a clear increase to 88% and exceeded the Company’s target of 84%.

Awards and Recognition Program

To promote employee engagement and to create an environment for fostering stronger relations between departments, colleagues, and team leaders, several projects were established, such as the Our Way Idol project, the Work Life Quality project, the Newcomers Meeting Executives (Seniors Meeting Juniors) project, the Full Gang, Thank Group project, the Happy Survey project, and the Hall of Fame project to honor personnel with merit. Furthermore, the Company has continuously strived toward employee compensation and welfare suitable to each and every level as well as annual salary adjustment policies in order to attract and retain quality personnel to the organization, which have resulted in higher employee engagement.

Talent Management

The Company recognizes the importance of developing people into good and smart people and molding future managers who will grow the organization, create good, and drive sustainability. Accordingly, the Company prioritizes the management and continuous development of talented employees. Since talented employees seek challenges, self-development, new knowledge and skills for career advancement, the Company has prepared in selecting employees into high potential groups as follows

Impacts and Benefits

The Company selected 568 candidates to succeed 145 managers, which is 26% of the talent pool, and retaining 559 talents, making up 98% of the talent pool.

Succession Planning

The Company has continuously developed the talent pool to plan the succession of senior management. In 2020, the Company expanded this process to management level by selecting succession candidates from the talent who performing the important role. The Company complements the development with a program specifically tailored to this group using the

            70%  Learning and developing through hands-on experience
            20%  Learning and developing from colleagues in other roles
            10%  Learning and developing through training

Impacts and Benefits

The talented employees to succeed 145 managers, which is 26% and promoted 17 talents to managers, making up 12% of the succession candidate pool.

Key Project in 2020

Other Data

Improvement Program for the Performance Evaluation System

The program enables team leaders to change the form of management to an overall management strategy through communication with team leaders and team members to create a new working environment and culture. The evaluation results can be measured quantitatively and qualitatively within the ALL Perform system (SAP Success Factors).

Impacts and Benefits

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