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Mix the Similar, Mend the Different, and Make Good and Talented Individuals, mould to Unite a Force

Key Performance in 2019


Technological changes play an increasingly important role in today’s business operations, resulting in more factors that influence business competitiveness. For example, using digital technology in lieu of human resources for services, as well as responding to consumers’ needs. Such trend directly affects business operations, which primarily depend on human resources.    CP ALL Plc. and its subsidiaries (“The Company”) have therefore established a strategic framework for capacity development and personnel talent through the development of understanding skills. Technological deployment is the highest priority of capacity development and elevating personnel’s competence to ensure sustainable and mutual growth in tandem with the organization.

 Management Approach

The Company is invested in the value of employees, as it is the main driving force of the organization’s successes in achieving target goals to sustain business growth. The Company therefore focuses on elevating the skills and knowledge of employees covering and relating to the business goals, starting with establishing focus in the hiring process, talent development and retention, and including caring for and creating opportunities for retired employees which passes value to the Organization. To increase the ability and skills in the present and future workplace effectively, opportunities must be given for the future growth of employees at all work levels. Furthermore, the Company supports the policy regarding labor and adapts them to the organization, underneath the thinking framework and system of human development as follows

Thinking Framework in Human Development for CP ALL

System in Human Development for CP ALL

The Company assesses training and development needs by considering from the following factors: vision, mission, organization goals, business strategy, and human resources policy of the Charoen Pokphand (C.P.) Group. Other factors include necessary and future skills, satisfaction survey results, customer and employee loyalty and analysis results for human resources development for designing a suitable program and content for all employee levels. The company focuses on creating good people and talented people continuously through various programs under the organization’s operations to enable employees to adapt and learn about the corporate culture, creating the work environment that can make the operation more efficient through the following programs.

Talent Management

The Company is aware of how prepare people. Developing talent for future successors who are ready to lead the organization in the future, ready to lead the organization towards growth, create innovations and create sustainability in the organization is important. So, continuous importance is placed on developing selection and high talent management. This is to make sure that the talent obtained are high quality for development, which the organization sets up a selection process for employees with talent which considers the various selection criteria as follows

Example of Selection Criteria for Talented Employees

Talent Management Process

Succession Planning

The Company continuously has selected and improve workers with high potential (Talent Management) in order to prepare them for top management positions in the future (Succession Planning) through the following Succession Planning Process.

Succession Planning Process

Pre-Retirement Preparation and Post-Retirement Age of Employees Programs

The Company values the importance of hardworking employees who have grown for a long time alongside the organization until retirement age, endorsing and giving importance to employees upon retirement by the Pre-Retirement Preparation Program for all employee levels and ages. The program focuses on building awareness and various key knowledge in different stages of aging such as personal finance management and retirement planning from distinguished guest speakers, including an alumni club. Moreover, the Company offers opportunities to become consultants for the organization and opportunities to be owners of seven eleven stores. In order to have a better quality of life for retired employees at all levels, group health insurance is available. An optional annual medical checkup program is given with the same existing benefits and employees will receive hospital treatment payments in case of inpatient admittance, death benefit payments, and store ownership of seven eleven stores as store partners.

Key Project in 2019

Productivity Improvement Project

Objective To increase productivity, reduce cost and expenses in management and enhance the work improvement atmosphere

The project aims to create an understanding of how to increase work efficiency, enhance the working atmosphere to increase productivity, reduce cost and expenses in management through the cultivation of ideas, attitudes, skills and techniques to the application and create the development of innovations that could be the tools to solve problems. This creates value for the organization. The program was designed for employees at all levels in the Company and creates a working environment that facilitates Cross Functional Teams to improve the quality of work in 5 aspects

Which are through learning methods by implementing real work practice from the project and with senior management acting as a mentor to give advice closely. Progress measured checked and results are reported periodically. Collaborative learning is fostered during the project and could be applied to different divisions of the organization.

Results and Benefits

Development Program for Food and Beverage Strategy Project

Objective To develop a skills, knowledge of food and beverage product management

The program develops a variety of skills, knowledge, and abilities of employees, such as 1) Product recommendations and how to make products from ALL Café to standardize the product, increase service skills, and in-store revenue management 2) Development of product selection methods to reduce costs and improve sales

The Next Digital Leaders Project

Objective To develop supervisor level to obtain skills to become digital leaders, knowledge and understanding the effects of digitization for the organization’s operations

The company inspires employees in the organization to comprehend and be aware of changes in digital transformation within the organization towards an increasingly digital technology-based system, way of thinking, and working culture to be able to coincide with the challenges of global change underneath the following guidelines:

Furthermore, the Company requires online learning on the topic of “Digital Mindset”, including having knowledge assessments and understanding to ensure that employees are ready to become digital citizens.

Results and Benefits

Other Data

Employee Engagement

The Company strongly believes that the development of skills and potential of personnel at all levels including increasing opportunities and giving future advancement to personnel in every working period as part of creating relationships between employees and the organization. This reflects from the continuous increase in scores from the survey results on engagement and satisfaction of employees. In 2019, employees’ engagement score was at 82 % which exceeds the expected target the organization set at 62 %. The overall trend is clearly increasing as follows:

Overall Employee Engagement Survey Results

The Company recognizes that employee engagement with the organization is a feeling that occurs with each individual employee, which they may have a feeling of attachment on some days and feel no attachment on the next day. Therefore, the evaluation of employee engagement once a year in the same format may not be enough to bring the results to improve engagement in order to improve employee engagement in helping the organization reach its target goals. Therefore, the Company established surveys on engagement and satisfaction of employees who have been in the organization into two categories, which are 1) Full surveys (Employee Engagement Full Surveys) which are set to be given at a frequency of every 2 years 2) Partial surveys (Employee Engagement Pulse Surveys) given twice a year (every March and November in that year) with 6 questions to explore the satisfaction and aims of the organization’s employees. The results could be compared to the different times and act as a warning to aid the organization’s information to be up-to-date and situation status. This could lead to analysis and countermeasure preparation which are on-time, which supports decision-making regarding improving talent. The results of the survey in 2019 (partial surveys) scored better in all topics which the proportion of employees who responded to the engagement survey (Response Rate) was 98%.

The results from the surveys will be analyzed in case of adjusting the methods for engagement improvement. The process resulted from the teamwork between the Human Resources committee and the head of each line of work in order to facilitate building relationships and employee satisfaction in the organization through the 3 projects as follows:

1. Improving of Performance Management System Project

The program enables team leaders to change the form of management to overall management through communicating with team leaders and team members to create a new working environment and culture. The evaluation results could be measured quantitatively and qualitatively within the system called “ALL Perform Success Factor”.

2.Improvement of Career Path Project

The project will enable team leaders with opportunities to communicate to team members to plan career paths including ways and both vertical and horizontal future growth underneath the “Career Policy” turning over knowledge by the Career Matrix.

3.Awards and Recognition Project

The project creates good work environment and culture between team leaders and team members by various activities to ameliorate employee engagement, create good relationships between units, colleagues, and team leaders during working hours and outside working hours for greater closeness. The project will open opportunities for relaxation after dedicating much to work such as the “Our Way Idol” project and the “Work Life Quality” project aids immunity, gives knowledge, methodology, and way of taking care of health. The Newcomers Meeting Executives (Seniors Meeting Juniors) project, “Full Gang Thank Group” project, “Happy Survey” project, where the survey on workplace happiness from QR Code is possible for employees to scan and insert opinions about their daily work lives as a start.

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