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Human resource management is one of the key success indicators adopted by leading global organizations. It drives business and society forward, propelling them towards achieving sustainable development goals. It serves as an additional topic to be considered, supplementing fundamental topic, i.e. workforce planning commensurate to business’ growth, increasing work capacity to maximize employment value. Based on the increasing level of competition within today’s retail and distribution industry, the use of technology in doing business has increased. This makes quality of human resource and human resource management, issues of mounting importance. CP ALL Plc. and its Subsidiaries (“the Company”) believes that good development of human resource ensures productive synergies in the workplace, lifts social bonding and working spirit, allows for creative work, and retains personnel with the organization, which in turn moves an organization and its personnel and serving as a factor inaugurating the Company as Thailand’s leading retailer.

Implementation measures

The Company’s effort to identify management opportunity highlights human resource management. The Company prioritizes employee capacity development, as reflected through outpouring financial investment. All employees are the Company’s pride. The Company have successfully fostered “good, smart people, who are forward-thinking, and collaborative.”

CP ALL Plc. and its subsidiaries (“the Company”) realizes the importance of this matter and has plans to boost talent and develop capacity for employees at all level to become “good and able”. The Company places human resource development at the heart of the Company’s strategic mission. It is hoped that the outcome will reflect better relationships between employees and the Company and decrease turnover rates. With the determination, the Company noted several elements in the consideration of human resource development:

  • Vision, mission, and objectives of the organization, including human resource management policies of the Charoen Pokphand Group.
  • Business Strategy of the Company.
  • Employees having the readiness and competency set, such as leadership, necessary working skills, and necessary skills for the future.
  • Survey results on contentment and bond of employees and clients.
  • Analysis of results and approaches in the development of employees.

      The above elements combined with the Company’s policies on treatment of laborers, employees at all levels are given the opportunity to develop and progress in the careers. The Company therefore developed operational frameworks for the human resource development, which can be categorized into 3 main stages:

The Company operations in line with the above framework to give employees at all levels the opportunity to access development of knowledge, skills, and the chance at equal career progression. There are three standard curricula for the three fields of work, which are, store-based, office-based, and logistics. The curricula are also designed appropriately for different levels of employees, which are practitioner level, command level, and executive level. These curricula are reflected in the annual human resource development plan so that all employees can have the chance to mature their knowledge and skills that are essential to their position and profession, consistent with the Competency Based approach.

Furthermore, the Company is determined to help foster good and talented citizens by caring and supporting employees since day one of work through the On-boarding program for new employees. The program aids employees in the adjustment to the organizational culture and building a social bond with the Company. The Productivity Improvement (PI) project aims to foster a suitable working environment to boost productivity by opening avenues for all employees to raise proposals and use their capabilities to improve the nature of work for better outcomes. Employees are also able to develop new innovations and ways to improve work for employees and organize competitions to select the finest of these. This helps stimulate constant improvement.

Including foster a strong foundation of morals, ethics, good governance, and spiritual development to build happiness and balance in the workplace and in life.

                In 2018, the Company gave importance to human resource development, which can be divided into three methods of development to suit different target groups, such as

                1. CP ALL Young Challenger Project for new employees (GEN Y)

                The CP ALL Young Challenger project was initiated to help build the new generation of employees to meet the policy demands of CP ALL 4.0 and Our Way.

                2. CM Champion project for employees in CAF-M responsible for the construction and refurbishment

                The Company therefore began the CM Champion project to lift the capabilities of employees to be able to manage the structures within the store in an appropriate manner. This ensures that stores retain their standards and that structures within the stores are completed in the planned timeframe and budget.

                3. Service Leader Academy project for store managers

                The Company began the Service Leader Program to create service leaders and improve the capabilities of employees at the store manager level and above, as well as to ensure that these employees understand the thinking behind the signature service concept of the Company and can put into to practice at the stores.

                4. Retirement program

                The Company sees value of dedication of employees and the sustained loyalty towards the Company. The Company therefore set up the retirement program for employees who fit the criteria by giving financial benefits, as well as health insurance. Retired employees can join the club for retired employees and have the option to become an owner of a 7-Eleven or can extend their employment with the Company as an advisor.

                For 2018, the Company carried out the following activities, consistent with the human resource development plan in order to boost the capacity and capability of all employees: