Occupational Health and Safety

Elevating the Occupational Safety and Creating a Friendly Work Environment


Risk and Opportunity

The coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has created a critical need for businesses and entrepreneurs to devise contingency plans for the outbreak. As such, preparation of the workplace and employees has become of the utmost importance. Staff readiness and good contingency plans enable significant mitigation of losses and lower risks. Additionally, the availability of equipment and awareness among employees are key factors in managing and navigating through the outbreak. In summary, the establishment of protocol, guidelines, and contingency plans in the organization reduce the risk of an employee in contracting and spreading COVID-19. It ensures business can continue to operate.

Management Approach

The Company has continuously committed to occupational health, safety and work environment to create a culture of safety in the organization under the Safety, Occupational Health and Work Environment Policy. In 2020, the Company appointed a committee to evaluate the Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Management of the retail and distribution business groups under the policy of the Charoen Pokphand Group (C.P.Group) in order to increase safety, provide a safe work environment, and prevent any negative impact to the environment both within and outside of the organization. In complement to the above, the Company implemented the Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Management evaluation program across the C.P.Group as a measure for major hazard prevention and emergency responses. Furthermore, the implementation of the program is a step to elevate the Safety, Health and Environmental Management to international standard – a key factor toward a sustainable business.

Structure of the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Committee

The Company strictly adheres to the law by appointing 1) an area-level Committee of Occupational Safety, Health and Working Environment that focuses on employee participation by electing representatives from employers and employees on a proportionate basis as required by law, and hosting monthly meetings. Beyond stipulation by the law, the Company has implemented Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management across all operational areas of the Company. Secondly, the Company has appointed 2) a function-level Sub Committee of Occupational Safety, Health and Working Environment that is elected every 2 years and has the responsibility of assessing issues from the area-level Committee of Occupational Safety, Health and Working Environment and budget approvals. Thirdly, the function-level Sub Committee of Occupational Safety, Health and Working Environment is under the supervision of 3) the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Committee that is responsible for relaying the policy to each operation function and aligning the same standard with employees at every level within the organization, including contractors and suppliers across the Company’s supply chain.

Furthermore, the Company uses the evaluation of the risks toward Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment to improve operation processes, work areas, and employee training as well as equipment in 7-Eleven stores.

Occupational Health and Safety Development Plan 2019-2023

The Company is committed to continuously improve Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) towards ISO 45001:2018 certification. In 2020, The Company expanded the Occupational Health and Safety system to areas, such as the Distribution Centers (DC) and Chilled Distribution Centers (CDC) in Mahachai, Suvarnabhumi, Hat Yai and Nakhon Sawan province. In parallel, the Company implemented the Surveillance system with the ISO 45001: 2018 at the Regional Distribution Center (RDC) in Lamphun province, CDC in Khon Kaen province, RDC in Buriram province, and DC in Bang Bua Thong. In 2020, the percentage of the Company’s operation areas certified by ISO 45001:2018 was 29%.

The Company continuously pursues Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management through the following main programs:

1) the Well-Being Program for Employees and Contractors,
2) the Safety Risk Reduction Program, and
3) the Ergonomic Risk Reduction and Stress Management Program.

Key Project in 2020

Driving Safety Program for 7-Eleven Employees

Objective   The purpose of the program is for 7-Eleven employees to abide by the law when driving a motorcycle, such as wearing a safety helmet, possessing a driver’s license, driving insurance, permits, and taking measures to prevent accidents, and reduce the severity and loss to the employees due to accidents.

Impacts and Benefits

Childcare Facilities or Contributions Program

Objective  To build good relationship between employees and the Company, fostered from the Company’s recognition and prioritization of employees’ and family’s quality of life.

  1. Set up a location and facilities to accommodate employees’ children who are under 18 years old. This helps mitigate the risks and dangers that may happen due to children’s and youths’ unfamiliarity with the Company’s operation site.
  2. Teach summer classes in Thai music and Thai dance for the Company’s employees and executives’ children during their respective holidays (no activities were organized in 2020 due to Coronavirus-2019 pandemic)
  3. For toddlers, the Company has organized numerous activities consistently under the first Book Club of the Distribution Function. This was categorized according to the children’s age range, as follows

“Mother’s Milk Corner”

Objective  To facilitate employees in childcare support, from the stage of pregnancy, giving birth to childcare.

The Company supports and promotes trainings on motherhood readiness preparation, breast milk, and necessary nutrition for pregnant mothers. There are also visitation post-birth to build morale and foster good relationships among mothers. Workplace is also organized depending on available resource to ensure employees’ area able to breastfeed their babies continuously, such as a designated space in CP ALL’s distribution center’s operation site.

Impacts and Benefits

  1. Boost employees’ effectiveness. If employees are able to breastfeed continuously, this improves relationship between employers and employees – allowing better employees’ engagement to the Company.
  2. Reduce employees’ voluntary resignation post-maternal leave. This ensures the Company is able to keep employees of great experience and skills afterwards.

The Flexible Work Arrangement Program

Objective  To encourage employees at the office an option to choose working hours that suit the employee’s way of life and provide work life balance.

The Company has established 3 working hour options as per policies and guidelines for employees to choose from, which are 08:00 –17:30, 09:00 –18:30, and 09:30–19:00. Every 6 months, the Company provides an opportunity for employees to change their work hours accordingly.

In addition, the Company provides an opportunity for employees to work anywhere once a week. On days when an employee works outside of the office, the employee must be able to contact or be contacted at all times and work effectively while preserving the Company’s confidentiality. Currently, the work anywhere format is being tested by a pilot group.

Impacts and Benefits

In 2020, the Company assessed the level of satisfaction of participants in the program and those in contact with the participant. The participants and those in contact were assessed as 4 groups – employees who participated in the project, line managers, colleagues, and customers in contact. The results show an average level of satisfaction at 92%.

Campaign to Increase Safety Standards in 7-Eleven Stores

Objective To reduce the severity of motor vehicle accidents and store damage for 7-Eleven stores.

The Company continuous to expand the installation of ground anchors to reduce the severity of accidents from vehicles and loss to the 7-Eleven store. The mechanism of the ground anchor prevents cars or vehicles from moving by the hit-hide-halt. For 7-Eleven stores in high-risk zones that cannot install ground anchors, the Company installed 45-cm-high concrete beams and added 40-cm beams along the side walls of the store.

Impacts and Benefits

Ergonomics Risk Reduction and Stress Management Program

Objective  To create a good health for employees and increasing relaxation from work-related stress.

The Company promotes the everyday practice of proper ergonomics among employees to ensure wellbeing, good occupational health, and quality work. The Company organized “Stretches against diseases” program to provide knowledge about office syndrome and allow employees to take care of and protect themselves. A specialist was invited to advise on correct working postures to prevent muscle strain.

Impacts and Benefits

  • In 2020, the “Stretches against diseases” activity was covered employees and managers from CP ALL’s distribution centers, Bellinee’s Bake & Brew unit, Kudsan unit, Gosoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the Panyapiwat Institute of Management, and retiring managers.
  • A total of 483 employees participated in the program.

Impacts and Benefits

  1. Reduce risk of children’s danger when they are on the Company’s operation sites.
  2. Lessen the concerns and burden of employees regarding childcare during the school holidays.

Other Information

Occupational Health and Safety Performance

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