Ecosystem and Biodiversity Protection

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The Company strongly believes that biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of natural resources are the responsibility of every sector in society. Thus, the Company has set environmental and biodiversity guidelines as follows:

  • Participate in conserving the ecosystem and biodiversity in accordance with international standards and set long-term goals to be a guideline for business operations; and collaborate with organizations involved in this issue
  • Minimize impacts on the ecosystem and biodiversity throughout the supply chain as much as possible by developing supply chain responsibility, promoting measures to prevent deforestation, and effective operations
  • Apply ecosystem management as a tool to effectively manage risks and business opportunity
  • Promote awareness and understanding of the ecosystem as well as biodiversity protection and conservation among employees and key stakeholders through training and knowledge sharing
  • Organize campaign activities, e.g., supporting the Convention on Biological Diversity and participating in the Earth Summit
  • Disclose operational performance relating to the ecosystem and biodiversity through the Sustainability Report in order to report on the progress of current operations against set goals to inform stakeholders
  • Collaborate with government authorities, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), educational institutes, communities and other agencies in order to jointly solve problems related to the ecosystem and biodiversity at the national and global level