Sustainable Raw Material Sourcing

Management Approach

To sustain an ethical business operation, care for all stakeholders, and be mindful for the business’ effects on society and the environment, CP ALL elevates the quality of life and builds strong connection with the community through sustainable sourcing policy and business supplier guidelines. The Company creates jobs within the local communities, supports One Tambon (Sub-district) One Product (OTOP) projects, and helps small businesses with their operations. Additionally, it also assists with the reduction in energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission from combustion and logistics, and the boosting of Thailand’s economic growth. The Company plans to accomplish such goals through these action plans:

In 2019, the Agricultural products certified by external organizations were as follows:

Animal Welfare

Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CPF)—a primary business partner that entrusts with raw material sourcing—operates on the principle of animal rights and animal welfare in correlation with food quality and safety. The company issued policies and management principles, with the goal of becoming the leading entity in animal welfare management. Such regulations include ethical farming, good governance, educating employees with the right knowledge, continuous development, cooperation from strategic alliance, and information transparency. The practices of animal welfare gave CPF’s products BBFAW certifications—for namely eggs, chicken, pork, and beef products. Therefore, consumers can purchase CPF products with confidence in its conformation to animal welfare and food safety policies.

Certified Products for Animal Welfare (BBFAW)

The uplift of traceability campaigned by the Company is an excellent way to support the use of sustainably sourced raw materials, as evident in these projects:

Agriproduct Traceability Projects

Objective To trace all processes starting from procurement of raw materials, by scanning QR Codes shown on product labels

Siam Makro PCL values the traceability of all products. The company has developed Makro iTrace, a platform that allows consumers to trace all processes starting from procurement of raw materials, by scanning QR Codes shown on product labels. Makro has been working relentlessly to increase the database of product information in Makro iTrace to increase the traceability coverage. The Strategic Traceability System Program is an effective tool to build consumers’ trust and product credibility. The QR Code system has now been extended to cover the canned fish categories, from Nautilus Tuna to other canned fish products.

Results and Benefits

100% of own brand products, fresh food category are traceable

For more details –> SD Report 2019

Related Policy and Guideline

Sustainable Sourcing Policy

Sustainable Sourcing Policy