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Chatree Poonprasert

My first business was a noodle shop which was a family business. I started helping this business when was in school until I graduated and still came to help work at the noodle shop. Because of having a family, I began to look for other businesses with security. Finally, my friend who was running a 7-Eleven store introduced this business to me, so I studied the information and finally decided to invest in a 7-Eleven business

Why did you decide to invest in a 7-Eleven store?  “With my preferences in trade and service as well as being a regular customer of 7-Eleven stores by entering the stores every day to buy products, I was wondering why 7-Eleven stores could have people who came to buy things at any time, every day. After studying the information, I found that this business was reliable, stable, and was a store that had products and services to meet the needs of various customers. It took me a while to research and sought advice from friends who was owning a 7-Eleven store. Therefore, I decided to invest in the business of 7-Eleven”

What did you feel after starting your own store management? “I felt that this business was a sustainable business which could bring stability to my life. During the first oping period of my store, it took quite a lot of time to adjust to the work system. because you had to start learning all over again, such as the work system within the store, products ordering, employee management, and a variety of products that were different from our previous businesses. When I began to adapt in a better way, I started to love the service work and was happy to run the store. I give value to people, both paying attention to the staff in the store and the store’s customer service to create good impression”

What is the key of store management? “I think the main key to managing the store is to do it. We have to get involved and manage the store by ourselves so that we can see the problems, various errors that occur, find the solutions, and keep improving the shop to be better. I do not only manage all my 3 stores to meet the standards set by the company, but also keep developing the shop to always maintain the standard. In addition, in terms of people management, it is a matter of this business because we have to make our employees feel happy at work by always taking care of them like our family”

How is your impression regarding the business of 7-Eleven stores? “From the beginning of entering the business of 7-Eleven, the 7-Eleven company has always been giving support as well as advice, either you encounter any problems or have questions about the system or equipment in the shop, the company will have a department to help and advise us heartily. There is also a training course for employees to improve their work efficiency. In addition, the company has modern technology which can help to work quickly and conveniently since it always keeps on developing new products and services that have a variety to sell in the store and organize promotions to stimulate sales continuously in order to make the business grow further”

What would you say to those who are interested in investing in the business of 7-Eleven? “First of all, we have to ask ourselves if we are ready to do this business or not because the 7-Eleven store business is a service business that is open 24 hours a day, so we must have the intention, be determined, and love to provide service. If our hearts are ready, we will be able to do it very well. Every work has obstacles; however, the company always gives support and has solutions for us, depending on whether we are ready to step over it or not. We are just ready to fight no matter what problem we encounter; we will be successful in this business. I am very proud that I chose to invest in a 7-Eleven business because I can’t think of any other businesses that can support us like this”

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